Tuesday 31 March 2015

March Favourites

Look at me putting up a favourties post in the actual month its from! You swear there was an air of organisation about the place. This month I've been using and loving much of what I talked about in my last monthly favourties post, so theres only a few beauty related things to get through today. March is now lovely and bright with the clocks gone forward an hour so that makes me happy. Although its still so feckin' cold out, I'm a right aul one giving out about having to put the heat on still. 

This was the month of lots of Instagram postings (if your not a follower I'd suggest having a look at me over here and maybe sticking around!). I bought lots of make up, clothes and took many many pictures of my cats. Basically the perfect month! Blogger friend Emma from Mastering Your Makeup did her first Ziaja event and it was an uber proud moment, oh isn't she just fab! You have to take a look at her blog and tell her hello! Other then that, Netflix has been binged watched so much too. Books will win in April, fingers crossed.

Blousey banana shampoo from Lush is now all used up and gone to the empties pile, but I wanted to just mention how much I've enjoyed using it this past month. It always left me with soft hair and it smells so great. Nothing surprisingly like the scent of bananas thank goodness, as I'm not a fan! I got it on sale at Christmas and doubt I'll be picking it up as its over €20 normally. But if your in the market for a lovely shampoo and don't mind it being spendy, then try out that one!

 As I mentioned in my last post this month I ran out of all of my make up removing skincare at the same time and had a day or two of panic. Since then I've been seriously stocking up so that doesn't happen again any time soon. And one of the things I found when I the hunt for a remover was a mini No7 cleansing lotion for normal/dry skin. It feels utterly amazing and I was going to pick up a full size even though I have combination skin. I said this to my sister on skype one night and she pulled out her bottle that was half used and said I could have the rest. Happy days! I know I'll be picking up my own bottle though, its just lovely. Might do a review of it to rave some more!

A total bargain this month was Revlons colour burst in 001 Honey Douce. This was reduced to €2.50 one day in Boots so I nabbed it. Its the most lovely shade that isn't too dark on the lips and I've done nothing but slather it all over my face every chance I get. These are normally a ridiculous €11 but after trying them out, I think I'd actually fork out the money for more of them. Not sure whats come over me! Do have a swatch of them if you've not already tried them out by now. So worth it.

I wont natter on too much about Fuschia and their amazingly beautiful eye shadows too much, but I did do a full review of a lot of them along with a few blushers over here. These four are my most used this month and I'm loving the bright orange especially. I want, no wait - need more of them! They are so pigmented, easy to apply, buttery and have next to no fall out. Nothing makes me more happy then these beauts.

In non beauty things, Once Upon A Time is my show of the month. I've watched it on and off over the past few months, but really got back into it since February. I even have gone so far as to find more up to date episodes of it online instead of waiting for the Irish Netflix to catch up. Season 4 still has caption Hook and I swear I watch it half the time just to drool at him. I'd also highly recommend Peaky Blinders on Netflix. My future husband Cillian Murphy is in it. Thats all you need to know. 

Keeping on Netflix for a second, they don't have Avengers anymore so I bought myself the dvd and I couldn't be happier. Its my go to film when I'm happy or sad (is that weird?) and I'd say I've watched it 30+ times by now. Best film ever! I picked up a cute little SheHulk statue the week, which you can see over on my Instagram. She is the bomb! 

Have you any non beauty faves this month?

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