Saturday 28 March 2015

Easter At Lush

Why I'm not employed by Lush at this stage is beyond me. Seriously lads, the amount I blog and natter on about this shop, you'd swear I've sent up camp outside their door! - But if anyone is willing to make that happen, I'm totally up for that. I was in the Scouts for years I'll have you know!

Lush always brings out some limited edition things for most of the special days of the year. Most recently it was their mothers day collection, but now we have the Easter things. And I'm going to admit, not much in this years collection jumped out at me. Yes they have cute white rabbit bath bombs and different egg shaped delights, but when I looked at the prices, sizes and smells I wasn't blown over. I guess I'm getting picky now a days! But what I did come away with is below, so you know its going to be good uns'.

First it pot o' gold. Not normally a lover of the shower jellies but this caught my eye and when I had a sniff I knew it was coming home. A slight Partricks Day vibe to it, but none the less it smells of really sweet caramel and oh so lovelyness. (thats a word now. Just fyi.) Filled with orange peel, pineapple juice, vanilla extract and sweet orange oil to name a few, it makes your skin wake up and want to sing after you use it. I don't think this is one I'll use every morning as it is so sweet I know I'll go off it quickly, but this will be a by-weekly treat. You can use shower jellies in your hair and the bath too, so thats what I plan on doing with it next. It's gorgeous to display and at €4.50 its actually quite the bargain. 

Next is the bunch of carrots. Lush stocked this last year and I regretted not picking them up so I specifically went into Lush to pick them up. They are a reusable bubble bar - much like the fairy wand that Lush stock at Christmas. They don't have many ingredients from looking at the site, but they do have lemon, buchu and bergamont oil that make them smell great. I've yet to try them out, but I'm really looking forward to it. At €7.50 they are a little pricey but thinking about how many uses I'm going to get out of the three of them, its worth it.

Lastly is the mother superior thats actually from the mothers day collection. I picked up one of these for myself and one for the mammy when I was in. They look so funny and are quite big so I know that I'll be getting at least three baths from mine. The scent reminds me a little of my favourite bath product from Lush thats also a bubble bar, Dorthy. Packed with orange blossom, jasmine and lemon oil, its bound to make the skin feel soft and smell lovely. I've seen loads of positive reviews on it so I can't wait to try it out and at €4.75 it was an average bubble bar price.


  1. Oh my god, mother teresa in bath bomb form, I burst out laughing at that - who thought of that!!! The little bits & pieces look lovely x

    1. I know its only brilliant! She looks so grumpy though, ha :D xx