Monday 3 February 2014

Juice Detox Day 2

I'm back again with day two of my juice detox, in case you've just popped by go and check out day 1 here. I woke up totally starving and couldn't wait to dig into my first juice and a nice non-toast breakfast! Today there are 5 juices to get threw, but we'll get there in the end! I know I felt like I was drinking all day or forever at my juicer but all in the name of being a guinea pig!
Breakfast Day 2 Paradiso
1 lime: I left the skin on and cut off the top and bottom
1 mango: This fella is hard to cut round as there is a big stone! I left the skin on 
A small piece of ginger: Cut the skin off
A piece of pineapple and 5oz of low fat yoghurt is suggested but I didn't have those so I used 2 apples and a handful of spinach instead. 

This contains vitamins A,C,B, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

This is like a wake up call in a glass! This would be brilliant for anyone who might have had one too many the night before. The lime helps you wake up and if you can get over the slightly bitter flavour its a keeper. It also had a nice sweet side taste with the mango and many apples that I threw in too. Lovely start to the day!

Mid-morning Bunnies Bonanza

3 carrots: Tops cut off and the rest chopped up
2 cabbage leaves: Chopped up
1 celery stick: I kept on the leaves and cut it up
It suggests a handful of coriander and parsley but I used a handful of spinach instead

This contains vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and sulphur.

Nothing much to say on this one. It didn't seem to make as much as some of the juices. The main taste was the carrot and the celery stick, but then if it has celery in it you will always be able to taste and smell it.

Lunch Day 2 Life-Long Lemonade

3 carrots: Tops cut off and the rest chopped up
3 radishes: Nothing done to them
2 apples: I left the skin on but uncored and cut it up
1 lemon: I cut off both ends and chopped it up
1 beetroot: I cheated again with a jar of them!
It also suggests 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut but I didn't use any

This contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, folic acid and potassium.

Maybe it was the radishes but this didn't smell great to me at all. The lemon covered the smell a bit and the taste was fine. Lemon dominated the taste with a hint of the apples. Not amazing but nothing awful to complain about either!

lemon express
 Mid Afternoon
3 apples: I left the skin on but uncored and cut them up
1 lemon: I cut off both ends and chopped it up
4oz of grapes: Nothing done to them

This contains vitamin c, soluble fiber, potassium, natural sugars and bioflavonoids.

I just have one thing to say about this: lemon. This would be great to start off the day with as well as it gives you a bit of a perk up/wakes you up. Think I didn't use enough grapes either, silly me!

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  1. These actually look yum! The first in particular looks lovely, I'm a big fan of mango and lime. Mmm.