Saturday 22 February 2014

The Tag Of All Knowledge

Well, how are you? Your lookin' well! 
I was tagged by the lovely Robyn from Robyn Rants And Raves to do this Tag Of All Knowledge. Its part of my 101 buck list things to do at least 7 tags and this lady got the ball rolling! So without rambling too much here it is! Try not to tut too much at the answers!

1. If you were a rock star, what items would you demand on your rider?
I'd say something really stupid like having sure all my friends could come with me and that my phone was always fully charged. I'd hate not to be able to see my friends and well, if my phone battery is dead, I might as well be. (I'm one of those can't function without my phone people.) That and like loads of different drinks. Coke, orange, really really cold water. I don't ask much, huh?

2. If you could afford any designer piece, be it clothing, shoes or accessories, what would it be and how would you style it? If you can, post a picture.
Hmm, this is a hard one as I don't pay too much attention to designer things cos' I can't afford them! I'd say maybe Dior nail varnish or if I was going mad a Chanel/Lulu Guinness or Michael Kors bag. *drools* 

3. What kind of teenager where you? Goth? Princess? Nerdy?
Goth emo kid. Oh god how I cringe. If my mother had let me dye my hair black life would have been made. Ugh to think of it now! How I tut and shake my head in shame if I walk by central bank on a weekend or mid term break!

4. This one is a bit morbid. If you could have any quote as your epitaph, what would it be and why?
This is a bit of an inside joke with my friends and yes, I'm aware how bad the language is but its going to be on my headstone not bothering anyone.. It would have to be 'Fucking fabulous, cunt on a horse'. That and I want a postbox under the words too. I love getting cards and letters and wish that there was somewhere you could post letters to the ones you love that aren't hear anymore. This is my way of making things easier/more fun!

5. What fictional character would you most like to have dinner with and why?
I'd love to say someone fancy like Shakespeare's finest thought up characters but I'd think it would be more alone the lines of whoever I was reading about at the time. Right now its Anita Blake from the vampire hunter series. (I reviewed the first book here)  

6. Tell me about your first ever make up purchase.
Thats so long ago I can't remember. My god how could anyone! I'd say it was something like a lip gloss that was about a pound in the chemist. Naturally I'd have had no clue what to do with it and could have warn it as eye shadow. I've not improved much over the years!

7. Its the year 2020, where do you hope to be in life?
*pauses to count* I'll be about 29 then, so eh I'd say much like I am now. Cat filled house with no doubt a man or three and plenty of friends either with me or close by. Doing something I doubt I'll like as a job and forever still buying unnecessary make up and books. There might be a few hens thrown in there too unless its the aul city living for me. I hope not, that would mean theres a Lush near by. Oh god. 

8. What is your drink order of choice when you go out?
Bulmers. Hands down. End of.

9. We all have a 'Dirty Sexy Crush', so tell me: Who is yours?
Oh no, the shame here! Ok so I've been slowly making my way through a series on Netflix called The L Word and Katherine Moenning plays this girl called Shane. Sweet H Christ I can't get enough. She amazing in whatever she acts in and just ugh... Meow. 

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  1. Ok I've finally done the tag anyway :)

    1. Had a look, its great woman! Thanks for taking part ;) x