Sunday 9 February 2014

Make Up Face With Wet'n'Wild

Above is how I generally look when it comes to talking about make up or indeed putting it on. Looking confused, slightly frazzled and scratching my head. I'm no expert in the field and can regularly be seen sporting lipstick down to my boobs, big bushy eyebrows and eyeliner across my cheeks. What can I say, I like to do my make up in a darkened room and hoping for the best outcome. But today I thought I'd give all you internets people some lolz while I show you what I have on my face, Including Wet'n'Wild which is brand new to Ireland, so we need not be so jealous of American people and their wonderful cheap make up any longer!

Whats on my face:

Benefit POREefssional 
Wet'n'Wild cover all concealer palette
 Catrice camouflage concealer 
Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder 
Benefit eye shadow 
Wet'n'Wild eyeliner in black
Essence liquid ink in black
Wet'n'Wild mega protein mascara in black
My Sleek and w7 makeup brushes

I really liked the Wet'n'Wild mascara for a subtle day time look, but the only down side is that it takes ages to dry. I was flapping my eyelids about like a crazy person trying to get it to dry! The eyeliner is massive and will last ages but pulled a little when drawing it on. Lastly the concealer is great and it has a highlighter in there too which is handy but a bit too sparkly for my liking. If I was going for a concealer palette like this I would use Catrice's one that I have reviewed over here. Much better constancy, colours and it doesn't hurt my skin.

I got the four Benefit eye shadows in Groovy Kind-a Love set for Christmas but depotted them and didn't take photos of the set before hand like the dope that I am! On the outter corner of my eye I have tickle my ivory, then guilt-y pleasure and in my crease I have both shimmer down and kiss me, I'm tispy. You can see the full set below; image from

Naturally with big dark red lips I couldn't help but pull a Miranda Sings face, she is so funny and I love watching her youtube videos. You can check her out here, and I also love her instagram profile too! Thats all from me now, I hope my face hasn't scared you all too much! As always, have a great day x


  1. Your eyeliner is pure perfection. Im jealous. Love the pictures

    1. Oh stop, I'll let you in on a little secret, I cropped the eyeliner picture because the other eye was all over the place and looked awful! Thank you though ;) xx

  2. Beautiful! I got that Benefit kit for Christmas too, love it!

    1. Ah thanks lady :) Its just the best isn't it! xx

  3. You look gorgeous! Your eyeliner is stunning! I love your lip piercing too, I really wanted one at one point and used to wear a tiny hoop earring jammed down on my bottom lip to look like one................

    1. Thank you! All these compliments will give me a big head in no time honestly! Oh really? I've had mine about 4/5 years now, I feel weird when I don't have it in :) x