Tuesday 18 February 2014

Really Good Vibrations

I know, I know, bad punny title but well, its true. A friend of mine was talking to me the other week about the euro shops that are making their way right across Ireland, Dealz. We were laughing about some of the mad things you can buy in there, I mentioned the JLS condoms (a personal fav to giggle at when I'm in) and she told me they were selling vibrators.. Vibrators for €1.49 like everything else in the shop? No way, it has to be some crappy little thing that works for about 5 seconds and has the weakest vibration known to man... 

So naturally me being me, I asked her to get me a present next time she was in the shop and here it is (I have the bestest friend don't I? Embarrassing the life out of themselves for me) The packaging is plain but the information on the side is impressive considering the next to nothing price. Size, how it feels, what type of batteries you will need (1 AA) thats its free of phthalates and other general things everyone should know.  

Its quite big, thats the first thing I noticed about it. And the fact that its in a sealed packet which is well, good hygiene and  means that extra little bit safe. Not the most discreet thing I've ever seen, most I've ever had the pleasure of knowing (see what I did there?!) were able to fit in the palm of my hand and could be stored away without much hassle. But well, it was €1.49 I'm not going to be too fussy. It only comes in pink, a colour which a lot of sex toy producers seem to favour. You turn it on and off by tightening and untightening the bottom part of the vibrator. Its not the most effective way of turning on and off a sex toy - turning it off in a hurry or indeed it not being untightened enough and eh, it turning on at the wrong time. That is why its a damn good idea to nearly take it apart after use! (Just sayin')

Embarrassing issue warnings dealt with, its on to the vibrations themselves! How do I put this? You wouldn't want to have the type of teeth that chip easily. For something dirt cheap got at the pound shop, this thing is really strong. Like it makes my hand tingle and go ever so slightly numb holding it for a minute or so (not just me, passing it round the friends they thought the same thing). I have yet to take it for a test run, but I have no doubt it would result in a happy ending.

Thats all from me for now, I'm sorry for the totally awful puns, but I found it hard to resist myself today. Sometimes I think I'm hilarious and don't listen to the practical side of my brain, however small it is. Keep an eye out for some great bargains in your local Dealz shop, you never know what you might find!


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    1. Ha, well thank you very much. I do try! ;D x

  2. Great post, really witty, and very different! Love it!

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    1. Ha thank you very much, I'm trying out a few new topics on the blog!

      Oh wow, thank you so much thats great! :) x