Tuesday 4 February 2014

Lush Valentines Love Locket Bath Bomb

I'm having a bit of bother writing my last juice detox post so bare with me pretty please! Today instead I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite place, Lush! Before anyone goes and points fingers, I got this before I decided to start my Lush ban and anyway, I don't think limited edition items should be counted as you can't get them any time you want. I was really excited to hear that Lush had their Valentines day range out and went in the next day to have a goo of everything. I was expecting to be forking out a fair bit as normally their Valentines things are really to die for, but I was wrong.

Thinking I would want some of their prince charming shower gel I had a sniff and came away disappointed, it was nothing to write home about, the same with their neon love soap. Even one of the staff admitted that he thought the soap was awful. I did like close to you (a sweet scent) and tender is the night (a faint floral scent) massage bars but they were a little more pricey then the normal massage bars so I resisted. They have three limited edition boxes out too which seem to be nice enough if you like the products in them - they don't actually have a lot of the Valentines products in them!

Apart from the kiss lip balm which I didn't try, only the love locket was left to tempt me. And I'm sorry to say I fell for it, it was massive and smelt like a refresher sweet. Remember them!? The guy in Lush told me there was three layers to this, but I'm not sure if I missed one or if he was having a bad day because when it broke open there was only two, an outer shell and a heart inside.

At almost €9 (see why I needed the ban?) this is the most expensive bath bomb I have ever gotten and I had to have a little sit down after I bought it to consider just how crazy I am. But off I went home happy as anything, that is, until I went to take a bath and all hell broke loose. 

Above you have seen my lovely big bath bomb in bits all over the kitchen table. Its true, when I picked it up to take it into the water it shattered all over my book, clothes and granny's fancy table cloth. It left me almost in tears! Needless to say its not the most sturdy bath bomb I have ever come across and at the price I paid I expected more. The disappointment continued into the bath..

Now its true to say not all Lush bath bombs will have bubbles in them, but my little heart always drops to my stomach a bit when I see that this is the case. I'm so sad but bubbles make my world! And yes, I know I should just stick to bubble bars if its that big a deal but variety is the spice of life I'll have you know. The water turned a pinkish red colour and when I got into it I got the fright of my life. Intelligence here didn't notice all the little heart confetti that was floating about. For a second I didn't know what it was and was half out of the bath before I copped. Let us all pause momentarily to shake our heads over the blonde moment. Its a nice added touch but warn a girl will you Lush!

Overall I was really disappointed with this bath bomb and with Lushes Valentines range this year. Could just be me being all fussy or not liking some of the scents that others could love, but I'm glad I only forked out a near €10 and not more. Sorry Lush but back to the drawing board. Two years ago was probably the best year for Valentines things as it was the year of the sweet smelling red topped mushroom bubble bar. Proves the saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. 

Hope everyone is having a fab day and keeping happy! :)


  1. when he said three layers did he mean the top yellow heart, then the outer pink shell and then the heart in the middle? That's awful it was so disappointing :(

    1. Maybe thats it, you smartie you!! Oh well, theres lots more Lush to try and love ;) xx