Saturday 1 February 2014

January Favourites

Last year I was all over the gaf with favourites, I had weekly ones then I think I had random ones and finally now I'm trying to stick to a monthly as part of a I'm being good and not frying the head off myself or anyone else. New year, fresh start and all that jazz! I love haul posts and favourites posts as you get a good few products to read about in one go and if anything takes your fancy you already have read a mini review of it, sounds pretty good huh!? So here are mine, its a mixture of things this month. I surprised myself with going straight for make up and then body products.

First off my trusty batiste dry shampoo. I think at this stage everyone has tried one of these life savers. I go threw a crazy amount of these bottles and they are my favourite brand too. Oh and the smell! They work wonders, can't get enough of a good thing.

I have left my lovely holy grail L'oreal purifying micellar solution over at a friends house and have been left to rummage through my potions and lotions to find other things to take my make up off. And with that I have been reintroduced to Botanics soothing eye make up remover. I did a full review of it over here.

Flower pharm is something that I have known about for quite a while, I see it in Tesco a lot and my sister buys me products from the line for birthdays and Christmas' but this is the first time I have used the lime blossom body scrub and it is amazing. I love a scrub thats not too harsh when your skins not feeling up to it and this works a treat. Also I'm not normally a fan of citrus scents but this is gorgeous and helps me to wake up in the morning. Try one out their not pricey at all!

Lush. Oh Lush. I know I'm on a spending ban from this shop but it means I have more time to try out and get to find some new loves in my big pile of products from their line. Lovely Jubblies breast cream is normally over €20 but I got it half price in their after Christmas sale, lucky girl for spotting a bargain, me! I will definitely do a full review on this as its amazing and smells divine! Nom for my boobs!  

I went off earlier this month to TopShop and got some goodies along with this matte blue nail polish. Its already been slapped on my nails loads and I know its going to be worn to death over the coming summer months. Its just so pretty!

Next I am in love with The Body Shop white musk smokey rose* perfume. I have been wearing it for at least two months now and its such a lovely scent, I get compliments about it all the time. Its an old teenage favourite with a new twist! If your near one of their shops I'd defiantly recommend going in for a quick sniff to see for yourself.

Normally when I go to a Catrice stand they are all out of this concealer palette but someone obviously was loving me earlier in the month when I stumbled across this, ugh its perfect! I have used Essence ones before but they seemed to have discontinued them, boo. But I think after using both, this is the better one. It also has three different shades of concealer for different skin tones which I really like too. Bonus!

My new beaut of an eye shadow palette that I also got in TopShop the day I got my nail varnish, it was on sale at only €4 and I was delighted with life! It has gorgeous shades and the pigment is to die for. It lasts all day and blends amazingly well. I think everyone needs one in their collection. You can see swatches here.

Lastly my lovely Rimmel Kate Moss lip stick that I had lusted over for ages when they came out. I got my very first one for Christmas and I am firmly hooked, I think about 10 more are in order! This is in the shade 107 and is a gorgeous dark red colour. Its very pigmented (you have to scrub your lips a little) and it lasts ages. On the down side because it is a matte it hides none of those lip sins and isn't moisturizing at all so a lip balm and maybe a gloss is a must.

Thats all my January loves, I hope you enjoyed them! I'll do another favourties next month and keep up the good behavior of sticking to one type of posting and blogging. As always I hope everyone is having a good day. Whats some of your favourites this month? 

Products marked with * are PR or gifted samples. Read my Disclaimer here.

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