Tuesday 11 March 2014

Gossip: The Irish Beauty Show

Yesterday I toddled off to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS armed with my camera and some high hopes. Oh the excitement, so many companies, beauty things and new jems to find was overwhelming! And I was not disappointed either, meeting loads of people and getting to have great chats with everyone. Heres who I met and what bits I picked up. This is a really pic heavy post, sorry about that but I wanted to show everything!

First place I spotted was Graham Anthony, they had an offer on and I came away with a new foundation for a fiver, bargain! I'm not too familiar with the brand so I really wanted to get something and try it out, you never know when love might strike! I'm going to be slapping it on my mug and writing a review for you all in the coming future. 

At the second stand I approached I was met with the most distressing part of the show, Pro Impressions. I asked the person in charge if it was ok to take a few photos of the stand to show on my blog, which none of the other companies and stands had any issue with. But the man there refused saying that it was an English company and with me being Irish it was pointless as no Irish people would buy from across seas. He was also worried I would write something negative. He came across as really aggressive and I wasn't going to mention anything but after telling a few friends they suggested I talk about it considering how upset I was. So, I guess you don't need pictures to write a 'bad' review. I don't think I'll be getting anything from their site, for obvious reasons.  

But from most negative to most positive in a few short moments, I rounded the corner and my set my peepers on Honey House Natural. I got nattering to all the lovely people at the stand, in particular Angela Rohrer who was so knowledgeable on the brand. I was blown away by the products and bought a bundle of goodies to try and was kindly given a gorgeous Bee Bar Lotion to try out. Oh my goodness I couldn't wait to get home to try them! They are an American company that have broken into the English market and are now looking to bring their products to us here in Ireland. Fingers crossed it happens soon because I have a mother, granny and bundle of friends who I showed my bits to and they were near blows arguing over who got to try what! I'm going to be doing a full review of them soon. Hold onto your knickers people, these lads are ones to watch out for! 

Next I wondered over to the girls at the Baby B Browne stand. They were really chatty and helpful and I was lucky enough to be given bottle of their medium tan for face and body. I'm a tan virgin so this will be one very interesting post to write up once I've either become a tanned beauty or (more likely) I'll have done something wrong and end up like a streaky orange. I wouldn't trust me with a gorgeous tan product like this, fair play Baby B Browne! A few giggles for you coming soon!

I couldn't have been happier then when I found the Waxperts stand. Bloggers have been raving about this brand and I was almost throwing my pennies at them begging to have a go of all their things. (what can I say, we all know I'm a bit mad) I got talking to Trish who was nothing short of a ray of sunshine. She told me all about Waxperts ingrown hair pads, their wax and their lovely exfoliating gloves. She kindly gave me a few bits to try out and I can't wait to. I also want to give Himself the option to try out some as Trish was telling me men use them on stubble rash with great results. Unisex brand anyone?

Next I found myself in front of Victoria H Organics. This is a brand new Irish business that has just started and I got to talk to the lady herself all about it. Everything is hand made and hand packaged, organic and the range is huge for something that is only new and all done by hand. I was so impressed with it and come on, who could say no to products that look that good! I was lucky enough to be given a  gorgeous lavender bath creme brulee bath melt, it smells as good as it looks and I will definitely be reviewing it after I've tried it out. Another new Irish brand to watch out for!   

One of the last stands I went to before my poor feet gave up on me was Pixy Natural Skincare. I got talking to Jayleigh (I hope I haven't butchered her name, If I have I'm so sorry!) She was a tonic and was so helpful talking about all the products they had on offer and a general natter on all things beauty. I'm a massive fan of Pixy as I love supporting good Irish brands so I was happy as anything having a goo at the full range. I bought a lovely Honey bath bomb and was kindly given some Cellulite body oil to try out. I meant to pick up a face mask but it went out of my head entirely. I guess I'll just have to go shopping for it (How awful, not!) I admitted something awful to the people at the stand and I think its only fair I tell you all as well. I was cleaning out my bag the other day and found about 2 (ok, 5) of Pixy lip balms in the bottom. Obsessed is not the word. I can't wait to try out the bits I got and report back!

So there you have it, my day at the Irish Beauty Show. I got to meet some really lovely people and was so lucky to be given some things to try and nab a few lovey things too. I can't wait for next years show and to try out  everything I got at the show. Me-oh-my I am going to be one purtty lady! I also want to mention the lovely girls at the Jessica stand who answered all my questions and the same for the lovely girl at the Pink Distributions stand who was full of information for me. And finally Tara and Michael at the Powder Pocket  stand, they were fab craic and I love their beauty box so uber much, thank lads!

Make sure and have a goo at my Twitter page, I tweeted for the whole day and have some extra photos up there that aren't here. One includes a lovely naked but sadly painted guy. Meow ;) Check it all out Over Here. and sure maybe follow me too!


  1. Hold on, that guy was in Ireland selling to Irish businesses and Irish professionals but didn't think people in Ireland would want to buy his stuff? Mission accomplished buddy! Looking forward to reading your revoos :)

    1. I really don't know what he was thinking, but its really tarnished my opinion of the company now, oh well! I guess that the Irish are stuck on an island without the internet and postal services... Oh, wait. ;D Thank you Karen, as always your the bestest x

  2. Yeah I'm with Karen, I don't get yer man at all. Why was he even there in the first place? Sheesh. Lovely reading all about your day, may even go myself next year! X

    1. Ah at least one or two people are taking notice of that bit, just to be on the look out as I don't like ordering things from really negative people/companies. Ah do, its a really good day out! :D x