Wednesday 5 March 2014

Updated Nail Varnish Storage

Last year I did a little post on my nail varnish storage over here, but today I'm back again with something much prettier but less functional. I have seen many a blogger do a show and tell with something similar looking. Lovely big jars filled with pretty polishes to make your heart skip a beat. (I'm dramatic about my nail varnish, shoot me!)  Isn't it just so pretty!? It makes a gorgeous ornament while showing off some colours in your collection.

I bought this jar in Dunnes for about €3.50 a few weeks ago in the home ware section. Its really big, holding around 15 polishes and the lid is easy to get off but closes tightly too. Added bonus of a cute red and white checkered ribbon to finish the look off.

It is kind of a pain to have to dump out all your polishes to find the one your looking for but I get to have a good look at everything I have just in case I forget about something and it gives the polishes a bit of a shake and move about so they aren't just left sitting to settle all the gooy good things to the bottom of the jars. I keep all my 'posh' and most loved ones in this jar, don't think I don't have another box filled up in the press with lots more!

What do you think of this way of storing your nail varnishes? How do you keep yours?

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