Thursday 27 March 2014

The Sexy Faces Revealed: Cleanse Off Mitt

I know, this post should come with a warning as my no make up covered face is a fright and a half. But on the bright side you have now got a sneak peak of my Halloween look book for that night! Anyway, stop all this messin' and come here till I tell you about the latest thing to come out of Ireland. Its called the Cleanse Off Mitt and you should have one. Or three. 

What the hell is it woman your shouting at the computer? Well I'll tell you, its a cloth yoke you stick on your hand, hence the mitt part, wet it with warm water and then you go to town on your face with it. It takes off all your make up. Thats right, you don't need glasses, it takes off all your make up without the need for make up removers, creams or face wipes. Think I'm crazy? Look above at the photos. Apart from the obvious gas selfies, I'm only mad in the scene of sharing a skin care secret like this one with the internet. 

I ordered my mitt from Cloud10Beauty for €3.50, what a bargain! I had seen many a blog review of this lad and  thought they were all mad to be honest. How in the name of god could a little cloth mitt get off all your make up without a cleaner or something to help? But me oh my they were right and I'm sorry I ever doubted anyone! The first time I used it, it was by chance as I had to get make up off my face asap when it reacted with my skin and was burning. I even tweeted the photos above (yes, in the bath. Don't try tell me you don't tweet in the bath too!) as soon as I had all my make up off, I was that impressed with it. And to top it off, all you have to do to get the make up stains off it is rub it in some soap and taa dahh! Back to looking brand new. I threw it in the wash after using it and cleaning it like that for a week and it came out perfect. 

Now don't get me wrong, it isn't a honeymoon phase I'm in here, I did give it a good work out. Heavy foundation and contouring, some serious waterproof black eye makeup and even just for taking off face masks. If I'm heavy on the makeup I will soap it up and wash off the stains a few times but other then that and the odd bit of extra scrubbing for stubborn mascara this little mitt has proved itself and I will be getting more once this is warn out. What more could I ask then being surprised by a product that works and bonus points that its an Irish brand! Everyone and their mammies wants one in my house. When are you getting yours?


  1. Why is it inn Ireland that everything we don't understand is automatically called a yoke?

    I also believe there's a court order preventing me from showing my makeupless face in public.

    Loving your facial expressions though, you mad woman!

    1. Well cos' it just is. Sure we call people we don't like a yoke too, it has many uses!! Ah woman would you stop, your lovely whatever you have/dont have on your face <3

      Tehheehee thank you kindly ;D x