Saturday 15 March 2014

Tesco, Lidi And Essence Haul

I know, whats with all the haul posts you ask! Well I have been picking things up in the past few weeks and instead of doing loads of little hauls I thought one or two big ones is the way to go! I got a few essentials and then just a few things that I couldn't leave behind. 25% off make up? Half price on shampoo? Who am I do say no to things that good.

First off I toddled round Tesco last weekend and found half price things like they were going out of fashion. Some Timotei conditioner for blondes and holy moly - did anyone else know that Timotei did dry shampoo?! I've never seen it before and with it being half price I naturally grabbed it and ran before they changed their minds! I also got a Pantene shampoo for fine hair as mine is lacking that va-va-voom lately. Lastly I might have been sucked into an offer on Yorkie 3 pack. Can't remember the last time I had one and with 3, they are made to share (if you have a choice or not - sneaky boyfriends!)

I was also in Lidi and couldn't be more delighted to find that my local was stocking cotton pads again all for only 45cent. I go through cotton pads like a mad woman between removing make up and nail varnish, so I got two packs. What a feckin' bargain! I got a load of baking ingredients too for some birthday cakes when I spotted they had a stand full of seeds. Naturally I had to pick up the hardest thing to grow, some pumpkin seeds! I got a pack for my friend too, she loves growing things and I'd say we'll have a little competition on who can grow the best ones! (were mad like that.) 

And lastly *pauses to drool* my local chemist had 25% off all Essence make up. My knickers were in a right twist trying to choose what to get, but like a trooper I managed! I picked up an eyeliner, lip stick, eye shadow concealer base, express drying nail varnish drops and a gorgeous light blusher. All this for under €10, it pays to have a look in your local.

Thats all from me for now. As always I hope everyone is having a great day and week. Keep your eyes peeled for bargains going and you might still be able to pick up some of these bits in the shops!

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