Thursday 13 March 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Princess Products.. Say what?

I'm a week late with this Best Of Beauty Challenge, I feckin' know you needn't be tellin' me! Oh holy god I had my knickers in a twist last Thursday night and life got in the way, sneaky little fella. So instead this post is going up in the morning and then week 6 is going to be posted up at the normal time of 7pm Irish time tonight. In case you don't know, Sam from AllTheBuzz hosts all these delightful challenges and my god, shes not only brains but a pure beauty too. Go check out her new blonde locks, meow!

The first time I wrote this I was wreaking, I mean wreaking my head trying to think of what to use for this weeks Princess Product. I first I thought about a posh shampoo I was given, but even though it was over €20 I didn't like it. Then I thought about a Estee lauder lip stick that I have again a friend gave it to me as it wasn't her colouring and well who says no to a posh lip stick! The more I rooted through my stash the more I looked, the more I realised that I really just do not spend a lot of money on any one product.

I finally decided on some nail varnish that cost about €11 quid and for me that was a mad amount of money to spend on a tiny bottle. I have 2 bottles of Essie (that I actually got for €1.99) and some sparkly Models Own and Ciate polishes (both as pressies). Are they not just gorgeous? Be still my beating heart I only love glitter and lovely pale shades of wonder. 

I'm sorry for this being so late and also for it not being very exciting but I guess I just like my drugstore brands far too much to fork out on only one pricey thing!

Make sure to follow #BOBBlogChallenge on twitter to keep up with everyone elses posts and I will be back tonight with another installment of the beauty challenge! Till then, have a great day :) x


  1. Your posts make me laugh as usual. You're the queen of the opening paragraph!

    I've never actually tried a Ciate polish, so you reckon they're worth all the hype? I've never even seen them anywhere except for in other's posts and videos, so I don't even know where you'd pick them up!

  2. Ah your only a lady to say that, delighted I can give people the aul lol ;)

    Not until that polish had I tried Ciate and it is lovely on but I'm not sure about any of the others considering that one is only a top coat/glittery one. I've seen them in Arnotts but I'm sure if you have a root online you could pick them up! :) x