Sunday 30 March 2014

March Powder Pocket

Were back again and all of a sudden March is nearly over. Where are the months going, I'm going to blink and it will be the middle of the Summer next. This is my 3rd month with Powder Pocket and I have to say, the most disappointing one I've gotten so far. Now don't get me wrong, its still a pretty fab box but I'm just getting pissy cos' I saw the Chic Treat Club box and now my middle name is jealousy! 

This months box theme is very 'Spring clean' your skin! And what better way to bring in a bit of Spring time feel then with gorgous baby pink tissue paper and a fab cover of their mini mag. This months box is so girly and I'm lovin' their packaging as normal. I also want the flower crown that girl has on the front mags cover, thanks I'll be waiting by the door for the postman ;)

Although it was at the bottom of the box, the packet of Water Wipes caught my eye first. They are also in this months Chic Treat Box so I was a little excited to get to try them out. I used to be a massive face wipe fan but then I caught onto the wonders of taking the time to cleanse and tone my face. I will try these out and report back if they are any good or just fit for a quick wipe of the hands. They are an Irish brand which surprised me as I've never seen them before. These are the sensitive make up remover ones that are €3.49 and can be got in places like Tesco.

In the first Powder Pocket box I got, there was a sample of a Ginvera product, so I was surprised to see another this month. Ginvera BB cream is something I'm looking forward to using as I've tried to stay clear of the BB and CC creams up until last month. Sure why not join the craze? A full size of this is €21 for 25ml.
Now heres where it starts going a bit down hill. A sample of Ghost Ghost the fragrance was not something I was happy to see in my box. You can go into any chemist or Boots and ask for one of these for free. As it happens I already own a full size of this and like it but I'm not impressed that Powder Pocket tried to flog this off as one of their products in the box this month. If it becomes a habit I might try my luck with Chic Treat Club instead as their boxes look amazing. A full size perfume is €34 for 30ml. 

Hmmm, Lavera 2 in 1 hair and body wash. Right, well I can't say anything thats a 2 in 1 for face and body is something I trust. I might use it as a body wash but its not going near my hair. I want to go and look this up to see whats in it and then see if any bloggers have reviews of it before I go to the shower with it. Bit ifie. You can get this for €6.42 for a 200ml bottle.

Lastly I got a Shiseido perfect rouge lipstick. It was such a lovely treat in last months box to be lucky enough to get a product from this brand but the repetition of the same brands is a little annoying. Don't get me wrong, I'm still delighted to get a full size product worth €27 in the shops. I am bit jealous of subscribers who got a red lipstick though, as I'm not sure if I will use this colour. 

I know some of you will think I'm splitting hairs with some of the negative comments at this months box but I feel I'm allowed give out a bit when I'm forking over my few bob every month and hoping for some fancy treat samples (that I can't get for free in the shops might I just add!) 

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and also happy mothers day to you all!  


  1. That bb cream is a good one, hope you like it!

    1. Oh really!? I'm dying to try it. And now that you've said it... :D x