Wednesday 18 June 2014

Aussie Blog Awards: The Readers Choice

I've been in two minds whether or not to write this post. I'm not one to ever go nagging people for likes or that sort of thing. If you want to read my blog, you might add it to your bloglovin' profile or like it on Facebook to see if anything new comes up that takes your fancy. I know thats what I do for all the blogs I love. Normally if I really like a blog I'll follow that person on Twitter and Instagram too, as I like their personality and want to keep up to date with whats going on with them - I'm dreadfully nosy like that!

But the one thing that really bugs me? (Apart from bloggers not mentioning prices of whatever their reviewing that is!) People hounding readings and followers for likes, subscriptions and votes. I'm not opposed to the occasional 'go on, you will, you will, you will' comments as everyones allowed be a little cheeky at times. But over all? I'm not a big fan. Yet here I am asking you now. What in the name of holy Bejayus am I like?

So heres the story. Aussie have teamed up with to make the #AussieBlogAwards. Some blogs have already been picked but there is one category left, the readers choice. All votes are solely by readers, which is the best kind in my opinion. And it just so happens that Big Blonde Girl was voted onto the list along with loads of others. So if you fancy it, you could pop over and spend a minute voting for me? Alternatively, you might find another blog you really love on the list and vote for them instead. Main thing is, kindly get your bums over to and vote for someone you love, cos' getting behind your favourite blogger is just the best thing! And I can speak for all bloggers when I say we always appreciate when people give feedback or support us. That fuzzy feeling is starting to well up now!

Thanks lads and ladies!

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