Tuesday 3 June 2014

What Happened At #BloggersDoDublin

When I started sending emails to companies and trekking across Dublin in an effort to find a venue, I never thought that the day would actually come together and so many lovely bloggers would turn up! I really have a new found appreciation for anyone who organises an event and I can't decide if they are really lovely people, or really mad in the head. I think its a little of both.

So before I tell you about what we got up to, I have to tell you about the companies that made this day possible. After all, I am only one big lady and as much as I would like to grow that extra arm, sometimes you need a hand from someone else. FindaVenue.ie really rocked my socks, they are a free venue finding service for every type of event you could imagine. They found me a choice of places to look at in like 24 hours. Holy be da jasus if your organising something you should really use them. In fact. I insist.

Next on the list of saviors is where the event itself took place, Pacinos. Now if you've been hanging around a while you'll know I'm not one to hold back if I feel I could bitch about it, so when I tell you that the manager (Mick, heya fella!) and the staff were one of the nicest groups of people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, you'll know I'm not messing. They didn't mind over 30 crazy women, balloons, glitter, confetti thrown round the place or even sex toys. They were so accommodating and friendly and if there was something they could do to make the day better, they would have bent over back ways to try and do it for you. I loved the gorgeous resturant and the food even more. I actually pre booked my birthday dinner there after the event, it was that nice. Are ya's sold? Good. Now don't all send me flowers at once when you see I wasn't just jabbering on.

Anywho, on the day loads of lovely blogging ladies and some companies that kindly contributed to the raffle prizes came together and had the lols, the noms and the natters. What an amazing day it was! I got to meet so many new faces and I'm delighted that people from as far as Cork and Belfast were able to make it. Fair play lads! Upon arriving there was utter excitement at the Cosmetic Outlets goodie bags. Man those things weighted a tonne! Paul very kindly gave us 30 of them and I've been told there were some really lovely surprises in them. So make sure to keep an eye out for any of the bloggers reviews of them! (you can see the full list of bloggers who attended here)

The first demo on the day was done by Matte to Matellic, who just launched their new site so take a look at it over here! The gorgeous Jennifer and Ciara took turns to show us how to create a day time summer look only using budget brand make up. This was right up by street as we all know how much I hate forking out on expensive stuff if I can basically get the same thing for less elsewhere! I couldn't have asked for two lovelier ladies to help us out on the day. They were nothing but helpful answering beauty questions while doing Nickki's (limesandstars.blogspot.ie) makeup so she looked stunning. (But then again, doesn't she always.)

The second demo of the day was given to us by Secrets Ireland, a sex toy company. You know me and my sex, I just can't get enough of it. I thought I'd give other bloggers the opportunity to get to know a few toys better while learning about all the high end and low end things on the market. Who knows, we might have more sex bloggers joining the ranks in future! I couldn't have asked for a better response and everyone was positive asking questions, feeling some of the toys and lets face it, having a lot of giggles too. This was a lovely change from the more childish and famous alcohol infused Ann Summers parties that are normally associated with sex toy talks. The lovely lady who gave the demonstration was a mind of information making sure that we understood everything and asked that if we had any questions that we weren't comfortable with to email and ask her. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable doesn't even begin to describable this company and I recommend everyone to have a look at it over here.

Lastly I have to thank all the companies again for giving prizes to raffle off on the day in aid of The Irish Cancer Society. Some of the things are below and I'm sorry to say I'm very jealous of all the girls who won on the day, there were really exciting things! You can see the full list of companies that took part in my #BloggersDoDublin post. 

I really can't thank the companies, venue and all the bloggers who came enough. It was such a fantastic day and maybe next year I might even do it again. (but for now, let me sleep for a week!) 


  1. Fantastic day Cat! I think I picked the right bloggers event to start with, it was so laid back & everyone felt so welcome! Although I might think twice about volunteering for a demo next time :) x

    1. Thank you so much for saying that and for coming along! I'm delighted you did the demo for us, you were a star! Natural model material ;) x

  2. I am so beyond impressed with you. This looked like a fantastic day. I really wish I could have been there. Well done you xx

    1. Nawww would you stop, thanks lady! I'm sure you'll be up front and center at the next one (if I do another!) xx