Thursday 5 June 2014

The Screaming O Review

As some of you will know, last week I held a blogger event and asked the lovely Secrets Ireland to give a talk about some of the toys that they stock. I bought a few things, as one does when given the ever shiny event only discounts! One of the first things that caught my eye was The Screaming O cock ring. I'm a long time cock ring fan, so I couldn't pass this little red piece of fun by when its made with couples in mind!

What the hell is a cock ring you ask? Before you commitment phobes run a mile, its nothing to do with marriage. A cock ring is a small piece of circular leather, silicone, rubber or metal (for the BDSM inclined) that fits around the base of the penis. This slows the blood flow meaning a harder, more erect penis. Basically ladies and gents, your fella will last a lot longer with this little toy wrapped round his bits. Can I get a helluva?!

Screaming O is made of soft silicone material that comes in three colours, so its really stretchy and easy to fit around the penis. I can promise that this silicone material is comfy for the wearer, I have plenty of people to vouch! (I sound like I'm lining men up and asking them to feedback while they wear one.. You never know, all in the name of blogging!) This toy has been proven non toxic after examination of the SGS organization. Its waterproof for those who want to get frisky in the tub and its also latex and phthalate free - some of the things you should be looking for in your sex toys as they are better for you and your body. Theres also a chance that you might be allergic to certain materials so always read the packaging carefully. 

The great thing with silicone rings and cock rings in general is that, with a little looking after you can have this for a really long time. Some warm water and soap will do the trick to keep all your toys in tip top hygienic condition. I really think one of these is great value for money and worth investing in. After all, who likes a male member at a less then satisfying half mast, when you can just whip this little gem out and get back to having fun? They are fantastic for anyone who might suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) too. This can be sexy and still really tame at the same time for those of you that might not want to go all whips and bondage right off the bat, but still want to venture into the world of sex toys.

You can have a look at The Screaming O over here for €7.50 on Secrets Ireland. Remember when ordering from sex toy sites, they will always have discreet packaging and on your invoice it will normally come under a different name unless otherwise specified. If your unsure don't be afraid to email the company and ask them about it! Theres nothing more a company loves then answering the important questions customers might have bobbing round in their heads. From personal experience I know that Secrets Ireland is more then delighted to answer anything that comes to mind. And believe me, I'm always full of questions! So your bank, your post man and not even your mammy will know that your ordering anything that could lead to a few blushes. People you are safe as can be!

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