Saturday 14 June 2014

Bloggers Night In With Sex Siopa

Last weekend the owner of Sex Siopa, Shawna, invited my myself, Lisa from  and Emma from Scene Designs along to an information night about her toys. I dragged my bestie along too and we all had a really lovely night eating meringues and crisps, talking about make up, the feckin amazing weather that day and of course, sex toys. I really enjoyed the night and I almost missed the last luas as time just slipped away!

So what can I tell you from spending the evening with the owner of Sex Siopa? This lady is a mind of information when it comes to providing body safe toys for customers and knows everything there is to know on the topic. She runs her business from home and is genuinely excited for the products that she sells. Its lovely to know that money doesn't power every business, some people do it because they have a genuine passion for providing a safe and beautiful product. My one negative comment is that there was a definite bad vibe when it came to talking about the kink and BDSM community. I realise that everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, but I feel its important to be very open minded and non judgmental, especially when your in the business of sex!  So now for a little on some of my favourite toys that Sex Siopa stock. Its always so much fun to actually get to see and feel things when you have looked at them online so much. (Ah, a good old three hour ramble in Boots after looking online at everything the night before.)

 The first thing that I couldn't wait to see was a male masturbation toy, surprisingly enough! I had seen these eggs around the internets and was delighted to finally get to feel them! Is it sad that I wish women could grow male organs just so I could try this out? Yes? Ok then...  There are several different kinds, the one pictured is the 'stepper' egg and reminds me of those silicone-like aliens you could get in the pound shop as a child. Each one comes with a little packet of lube and when turned inside out, (in the very last photo) it reminds me of a christmas tree. They are €10 each or you can get a cool egg pack of 6 for €50. I want to get one for all my male friends. Who doesn't want a slightly weird egg shaped, but totally posh wank? If you mind them your meant to get about 3 uses from them. Lovely!

Now onto the colours. Shawna pointed out that there are so many pink and purple toys on the market, but you rarely see other colours, which is so true! Because of this, she trys to stock toys in lots of other colours to give people the opportunity to mix it up a bit! Greens, blues, oranges.. The list is endless and I personally think its such a lovely touch to consider the little things that bigger companies can overlook. (Ten points to Gryff.. Ehhrr I mean Irish businesses!) Above are the two of the Fun Factory kegal balls Sex Sipoa has. I love the more unusual shapes and of course, the colours of them. From having held and shook them, I would say they can be strongly felt if you were walking or running, as they are weighty and easily moved. 

Next has to easily be the show stopper of the night, the Minna Limon vibrator. You squeeze in a rhythm and strength it repeats it back to you. This little power house is a pricie €120 but I think its the bees knees if your one of those people who loves the latest technology. I mean you programme the pattern, think of all the songs you could play on it in vibration form! Think its a little bit deadly, if I do say so myself. Plus, its a cute lemon shape and you can paint your nails to match..

Another male masturbation toy is the Tenga 3D Polygon sleeve. These are again cool little toys if you are lucky enough to have the bits required! This is like the Tenga egg but it can last up to 50 uses instead of 3. Sex Sipoa stock four different types of these so there are plenty to choose from.

I love toys that are body safe and cheap. Tantus Little Secrets vibrators are only 25 quid and they not only come in loads of colours but shapes too. I am still a little scared of the green 'tease' but it will not get the better of me! For so cheap, you could easily get the whole collection. They can be used with or without the sleeves and they have a nice little vibration that isn't noisy at all.

Two of the most colourful butt plugs in stock are from Fun Factory. Being made from silicone means that they aren't heavy and are super easy to clean too. I love the shapes and they are two of the most affordable body safe plugs I've seen. 

Fun Factory have some really fab designs as you'll know by now, but they have some really funky (yes, funky!) double ended dildos. These both have different shaped ends, a bit like having two toys in one. They are surprisingly quite heavy and super flexible but firm too. I think these are really interesting and different from other things I've seen out there. 

A palm sized green leaf shaped vibrator was too cool not to take a quick snap of. Leaf is the brand name and this little yoke has power! Its a pocket pinching €100 so it might be one for the wishlist. A more affordable dupe is the iroha mini which is a happy €25. It also comes in lots of different colours and I think its way cuter then Leaf and nearly as powerful. Its also super quiet which is always important.

How pretty is the collection of stainless steel? Its really something that sets my heart a-flutter. Sex Siopa have a beautiful selection with the Njoy butt plug and two Njoy dildo wands. These are all so weighty, especially the 'pure wand' which is the biggest one in the photo above.  Between €90 to €120 they are a more expensive toy, but I think a really good investment. They will last you for years to come, easy to clean and because they are stainless steel, they will always be as pretty as the first day you got them!

Lastly Sex Siopa has a really big range of all sorts of vibrators. I've ranted on about them so much in this post, but there are just so many fantastic ones that not only do cool stuff, (besides bringing you to orgasm that is) but also come in so many pretty colours! Above is a selection of some of the ones you can insert as well as for clitoris stimulation. These ones range for €110 to €140. 

I'd like to thank Shawna for having me and I really enjoyed my time with the girls learning about the toys and having a few laughs. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the ones I think are really deadly. Make sure and check out the entire range of toys over on and say hello!

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