Wednesday 25 June 2014

Sex Criminals: Volume One #1-5

I'm a lover of comics and graphic novels. I guess you could call me a bit of a in the closet nerd, if you will. But I really hate the term nerd, I feel like its a negative word that some people now have branded themselves in order to appear more unique and cool. So I guess I'm just someone who likes DC, Marvel and the likes. I get off a little on picking up my comics on Wednesdays (new comic day!) and running home to read them. Today I want to talk about the graphic novel, Sex Criminals. Spoiler alert: You need to go buy it, like, yesterday. In future posts I'd really like to talk more about comics, so heads up!

This monthly crime comic is written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Chip Zdarsky (- incidentally if either ever read this, I'm totally up for marriage. Or like, dating? I'm not fussy.) Published by Image Comics, one of the creators dedicate the book 'to anyone, anywhere, at literally any time in human history who ever who rubbed one out'. How could you not love a novel that starts with something so wonderful? The ongoing story follows Suzie the librarian and Jon the actor, in their incredible adventure of stopping time - by orgasaming. Your brought through snippets of past and present, getting to share their back stories about their sexual experiences, their cringe worthy dates and their understandable confusion. Not being able to talk to anyone or find answers as to why when they orgasm, time stops. Is it the same for everyone, or are they freaks?

I'm really enjoying this comic, I love how they not only manage to bring such relatable problem to light, but they can make it light hearted and at times very funny too. Theres no 'smut' in this, no sir. Who hasn't gone through that brief (or long) crisis of confusion about your body, about sex and about who the hell you can go to, to talk about all the really embarrassing burning questions? Come on, I have my hand up here. This great story is accompanied by really gorgeous and well drawn graphics. I love this type of drawing style and Zdarsky has perfectly captured not only magical moments of 'The Quiet', but how I imagine the characters would look from reading the story and learning about their personalities. Lots of content sighs going on here. 

Suzie needs to save her books and Jon has just the plan to become criminals. Sex criminals that is.

If you fancy following this comic you can get the graphic novel for about €15 in Forbidden Planet - or online for cheaper! (just sayin'). Issue 6 is currently out this month so you have no lost issues in between. I know, I think its cool too. 

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