Monday 9 June 2014

May Favourites

Where did May go?  I think this month is a more rambling-type post then a product heavy post. I want to talk about how hard it is to get coffee stains off your pajamas bottoms, (note: Its impossible!) how lovely the blogging community is and that you all really need to go see Maleficent the cinema. I know it was technically out in June but its amazing and I'll totally go see it again and over use the dvd once its out! 
 Its just one of those months. The squinty-eyed-selfie-with -random-objects kind. It was the month of trips to the dentist (if you live in Kildare you need to ask for Peter in Park Dental, the sweetest little fella you ever clapped eyes on!) many cat videos, voting and healthy (aka, shameful) eating.

So lets start off with the biggest thing blog-wise last month, the #BloggersDoDublin meet up that I organised. Holy moley I did not know what I was getting myself into there! I am still so overwhelmed by how lovely all the companies were to support the day and we raised over €150 for The Irish Cancer Society. Deadly, right? The blogger peoples that came on the day made it what it was - fun, friendly and just so warm and fuzzy! Sometimes there can be serious bitching in the blogger community and I personally can forget how great most blogger ladies and gents can be. So to all that came, to everyone that interacts with me on social media and on the aul blog, thank you. x

I'll go back to normal babble for a sec and tell you about the shampoo that stole my heart in May, Toni&Guy cleanse for advanced detox for occasional use. Now don't think I took a ride on the crazy train, I know its almost €8 but I found it in the pound shop for €3. (I almost keeled over with the shock too.)  Its in the fancy posh bottle, it smells really nice in a chemically-over-processed way and the best part, it works wonders on the aul head. May was not a month to be proud of my head. It need to badly do my roots, the purple is a constant upkeep and the condition its in is a woeful situation - yes, I am pulling out all the overly Irish phrases for this one. Thats how bad it is. But this shampoo makes my hair feel weightless and more shiny. Not a necessity, but if you see it in the pound shop, nab it!

Another product I couldn't have lived without was my MUA Underdressed eye shadow palette. I got this in SuperDrug about a year ago and occasionally use it, but in May and now this month too, I've needed it like air. My eyelids have never looked better for less then €5. You can clearly see what shades I've been favouring cos' with me, glitter is always in. I don't care if its summer time and natural minimal coverage is the thing. Hell, my eyeballs look better when their framed with smoky warm brown and gold glitter plastered on! If you can find one of these palettes, I'd suggest buying one for me and posting it out. Oh, get one for yourself too!

Food wise this month, there are only two things I can think and talk about obsessively. Chinese and chai lattes. I'm not sure what sparked this, but if you follow me on Twitter you'll no doubt have seen my craving tweets. The silence between tweets? Pauses to pick back up the chop sticks or order another mug full of goodness. Even now I am contemplating venturing out tomorrow just for that drink. My regular haunt is Kokoro sushi bento on Lower Liffey Street. Allergic to fish, but man that can't put me off their noodles and cute staff! Plus the weird and wonderful conversations people strike up with you in that place is an worth going in for alone. And the best chai latte in Dublin is Hippety's Temple Bar. Oh man the layout of the cute coffee shop, their amazing food.. The fact that they have board games! (for after the many Instagram worthy photos) If your about Temple Bar its a must. But the one down fall is they don't do coke, so Stephens not a fan. But I won him over with their chocolate cake. On a ranty side note - Costa do the worst chai lattes I have ever had. The taste buds jumped out of my mouth and ran away when I ordered one. Sweet divine... Ugh.

Now pause and watch 7 seconds of Wiggle Cat. I wish it was longer as I've had it on repeat so much. Its still not lost the shiny funny new video feeling yet!

Lastly a new shop that I have found through the twitters, Scene Designs. The lovely Emma runs a LGBT Etsy shop that sells cards and mugs with such feckin cute designs on them! I ordered from her about a week  ago in preparation for some friends birthdays. I had the pleasure of a chance meeting with her the other night too and she is just such a lovely and very funny lady. A small Irish business that sells amazing quality things? Yeah, you know I'm loving it. Plus check out the heart 'You're Fabulous' mug, its next on my list of life essentials. See everything over here. 


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to wear glitter all the time hehe! :D
    Ohhh I think I better go try that chocolate cake in Hippetys!
    I love those cards so much! What an awesome idea!

    1. Oh yay, a friend! lol I am awful for an aul glittery eyeball, but what can you do! Come out with me and try the place, everyone that goes there seems to fall in love! xx

  2. Cat I love your new blog photo- so envious of your pink hair! Looks fab on you! x

    1. Ha, its kinda funny how I pop back over to my blog for a sec while in the middle of reading your book review post and see you've commented! Thanks so much lady :) xx