Saturday 11 January 2014

Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter

The first proper beauty review of the year and its a Lush one. I think I need to go to a 'LushAnon' meeting, its becoming clear to even me how much I love going to Lush, buying new shiny products and then use them. Le sigh, what can a girl do when its true love huh?

I got this for my birthday back in September and didn't want to open it before I used up my Soap&Glory scrub em' and leave em' scrub and other bits of scrubs I had lying around. I'm dreadful for opening new things before using up what I have, just too much temptation! This lovely square of joy was bought on the Lush website along with lots of other goodies I all but squealed over, so thats why its wrapped in plastic instead of its normal naked self.

I'll just admit it now, theres nothing about this exfoliating body butter that I don't like. The smell that lingers on your skin weakens me at the knees - which isn't a bad thing considering you can have a good scrub of your knees and legs while your down there. Its an easy shape and size to use, it has loads of little sand-like scrubby bits to really get the blood going and the dead skin running. Not to mention it moisturizes beautifully without leaving a heavy layer of product on your skin so you feel like a walking oil stick. (walking oil stick? Now theres a weird image for you all to ponder over for the day..) You can have a look at the full ingredients list above or over on the Lush site. But with things like almond and cocoa butter, who needs much more convincing?

Since taking this photo I've only got one use left of it and I've been using it nearly daily in the shower for a week now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it goes fast, what I'm saying is I'm that addicted to it that I can't not use it all over my bumps and lumps (my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps. Sorry Fergie for butchering that..) This is £6.25 online. You'd be mad not to get one.

Oh a side note, I was recently asked if I was in some way connected with or paid to promote the Lush brand. The answer is no, no I am not! But I can see why some people would think that! All gifted or PR samples are marked with a * and is linked to my disclaimer.

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