Friday 10 January 2014

The Blazin' Grill Restaurant Review

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Just before Christmas myself and Stephen used a voucher for The Blazin Grill in Tallaght that we were given as a present. It was a really cold night and we were expecting to freeze our bums off after getting off the bus and trying to find it. But once we got of the bus right beside The Square, we were both pleasantly surprised to find that it was less then a minutes walk. 

When we got in we were greeted by a lovely girl who seated us and went to get us drinks. I really can't say enough for all the staff that served us that night, they were all so wonderfully friendly and helpful. The restaurant itself was warm and well spaced out with a lovely bar and I noticed a couch in the corner for people to sit and wait if they wanted - always a plus in my book. Each table had a cosy little candle on it and I loved the blue, black and red theme throughout the place. 

We had come prepared and already had a nosy at the menu online as they are a steak and seafood restaurant and myself and Stephen don't like either so we weren't happy when we first read that. But we needn't have worried a they do a great range of food and I was especially impressed with how big their desert menu was as not everywhere gives such a selection. We cautiously ordered some garlic bread to start as it sounded basically like pizza and after we had a bite we were contemplating ordering more, especially Stephen who wanted the recipe written down! We got a main course of a chicken burger and chips for himself (they were out of beef burgers, now that wasn't cool!) but he was happy once he tucked into the plate full and I got a chicken pasta carbonara. I recently got the same dish in another restaurant that I've talked about on my blog not so long ago and this was so much nicer by far. Wow do those chefs know how to cook up a yummy dinner! I had a sneaky bowl of chips too, but no one was looking so its fine.. Cough

We had about five glasses of coke between us (the rock stars that we are!) and lastly ordered ice cream with a chocolate brownie. That was on the plate all of I've say, five seconds! We were expecting to have to fork out about €20 extra on top of our €50 gift voucher but when Stephen went up to pay he came back looking very smug. The full dinner had cost €50.04. I apparently have never been such a cheap date - I know right? 

This is well worth a visit if your in the area looking for a lovely quiet evening with some cheap, yet very yummy food. From looking around it would be perfect for big groups of people too. I'll be going back again as the staff really left a lasting impression with how nice they were! That and well, the pictures I took are making me hungry too! Their page seems to be down at the moment but you can find them on Twitter and Facebook for special offers and posts about lots of noms. Enjoy!

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