Friday 31 January 2014

The New Irish Powder Pocket Beauty Box

Going from a really negative box review to a really positive one is not something that happens often but it seems this week just keeps getting better and better! As you might have read, I unsubscribed from Glossy Box and instead was treated to a new beauty box by the Mr (Isn't he the best?!). This is the Brand spanking new Irish beauty box Powder Pocket and I think its going to be massive round these parts. Already blogs and the aul Twitter is going wild raving about this subscription and I can see why. 

The presentation of the box is a huge part of the whole experience for me. Give me something wrapped up nice, throw a bow round it and but it in a box and I'm sold! And its as if the good people of Powder Pocket read into my little head, down to the sticker with my name on it, eeakkk!! Oh it was all too much. The outer box is gorgeous too, really eye catching. I can't say anymore other then 20 out of 10 for the visual goodness that my eye feasted on. Nom nom nom.

The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box and got of the beauty of it all was the Pixy Natural Skincare soap. Pixy is a relatively new Irish brand that has been coming up through the beauty world over the past two years and was really delighted to see that it was included this month. I have actually one or two of their products before and reviewed one here. I'm not a big fan of this citrus scent but my granny has her eye on it so I'm sure it wont go to waste! Full size for this is €3.99.

Next I couldn't help but drool over the La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. I love this brand and have been getting to grips with some of their products over the past few months. This was a new one for me and after reading the little leaflet with it I was spraying it all over the place thinking I was just great. Full size of this is €9 for a 150ml bottle.

I'm slowly accumulating a large collection of hand creams, I mean they are coming out my ears at this stage! But I can never say no to them so that might have something to do with it. Lavera basis sensitiv hand cream nabbed my attention and I really can't wait to use this little beaut. Full size €5.24 for 125ml tube.

I was a bit dubious of the Ginvera green tea marvel gel as gel and me don't go together very well. Its just sticky and messy and no no no. But after reading a little about it I'm going to give it a whirl! Full size €27.

Lastly I didn't even notice the gorgeous Benecos natural kajal black eyeliner! I only bought a new eyeliner the other day and now I'm raging I did as this looks so nice. When I read that this is a natural and vegan cosmetic I was thinking it was going to be very pricey but at only €4.66 I think I might have a look at the rest of their range! 

Lastly I wanted to talk about their leaflet that lists all the products in the box, its like a mini poster and took me a bit by surprise when I had to open it up. Its a great novelty but in coming months might turn out to be an annoying thing to have to wrestle with, we will see. There was a page on the inside with the title 'what's trending in 2014' and who did I spot that had added their piece, none other then the lovely GlitterMamaWishes! I might have gotten a little excited seeing her featured!

I'm really delighted with this new box, I can't wait for next months now! Are you going to get this box or do you have another beauty box? As always have a great day :)