Friday 17 January 2014

Sales Buys Part 3: Lush

I know, I know. Your scratching your head thinking 'did I not just read a post here a while ago about Cat's Christmas sale buys from Lush?' Yes good people of the internet, yes you did. But they announced on their Facebook page that they were restocking some of their Christmas things and they were all 50% off too.. What could I do? Say no? Nah. Heres round one of Lush sales if you missed it.

The golden wonder bath ballitic.. Its a gold covered present, for €2.25? And I've never ever had it before.. One thanks. 

Another sneaky bit of angels delight soap for €3 and a sample of let the good times roll. I really like the smell and wanted it but the Lush fella said it mightn't work for my skin, so the doll gave me some to try out just in case! Lush + nice friendly staff + samples = Happy lady.

I got a pot of this aqua marina for free in an online order way back, I hated it. But clearly if I'm buying it again then it must be something good! I'll do a post on it some time soonish - think I might need to space out the Lush posts a bit better though! This was full price at €7.94. Also the dust is off the product below, stuff gets everywhere!

Lastly my new favourite Christmas product, star light, star bright. I eh, got four. Cough.. But on the plus side they were only €2.25 each! I did a review of them over here. You can get a few more photos of the lovely yokes!

I will of course review and tell you all about these products, you can count on me! Tomorrow I have yet another sale bargain post to show you (HINT! its a fashion post ;D) then after that it should be back to regular posts and reviews, promise! As always stay fab you beautiful people!

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