Friday 24 January 2014

Day Zero Project

So this idea was gotten after I read GirlFriday's post here.  I really loved the idea of having 101 goals and things to achieve in 1001 days. So this being the 24th of January 2014 I have until the 4th of November 2016 to mark off everything on my list. 

Over the last year things have been up and down with me, I feel like I've gone into myself a bit and my anxiety of meeting new people and being in big groups has started to take over my nerves a bit. So this year I really want to try and over come that as much as I can. I also want this year to be even better then last year when it comes to my blog. Blogging has opened so many doors for me. I have something to look forward to doing, more new friends to share it with and a great community that I get to be part of. So here are my 101 things, some are easy and some are really hard! I'll come back and cross off the things as I do them and maybe even post about the bigger ones!

  1. Meet MakeUpMonster - I just love her blog so much
  2. Try a MAC product
  3. Go and see a ManU game (preferably a home game)
  4. Start saving for driving lessons
  5. Get fitted for a bra  
  6. Get my hair properly styled in a salon
  7. Make dates of weekends away or days out with Stephen and take photos of the time
  8. Get a massage or facial
  9. Save up for a new camera
  10. Get two more tattoos
  11. Don't eat chocolate for one week each month.
  12. Send more hand written letters
  13. Get a bikini wax
  14. Buy a double bed
  15. Tell people I love them more, especially when fighting
  16. Join a campaign
  17. Do more volunteering
  18. Try tanning (from a bottle mind!)
  19. Learn to knit
  20. Learn more basic French
  21. Read at least 50 books
  22. Buy and wear something that I wouldn't normally
  23. Go on a holiday away to France 
  24. Blog about more taboo things
  25. Do at least 7 blog tags
  26. Clean my makeup brushes every two weeks
  27. Bin all my knickers and buy a whole new lot
  28. Make vegetarian lasagna
  29. Do a blog sale 
  30. Go to more blog/events
  31. Stick to my not buying anything in Lush until September rule
  32. Meet and talk to more bloggers
  33. Comment on blogs I love more
  34. Eat more fruit
  35. Treat myself to hard sole slippers
  36. Host a dinner/some sort of food party
  37. Go to watch people busk in Dublin on Christmas eve
  38. Learn how to make use of an avocado in a mask or food dish
  39. Go to Dingle, Kerry 
  40. Print out photos and make something with them/display them
  41. Save change in a jar 
  42. Learn how to waltz and jive better
  43. Try to use more skin care to beat my spots
  44. Moisturize at least 3 times a week for 6 months
  45. Stop talking to negative people out of politeness 
  46. Declutter my Facebook/Twitter and phone book
  47. Cut back on fizzy drinks and opt for water
  48. Have lunch in Bewley's on Grafton St 
  49. Sit and write dates on old photos with my gran
  50. Learn how to contour
  51. Get my brows shaped
  52. Strip my bedroom walls and paint them
  53. Buy new storage and makeup storage
  54. Buy some jeans (I don't own any)
  55. Go for a cycle somewhere
  56. Help a friend start up her blog
  57. Buy a cat brush for my cats
  58. Update my about me section 
  59. Get new glasses and keep them in a case
  60. Bring my Irregular Choice heels to be fixed
  61. Smile more at strangers
  62. Dye my hair one primary colour (pink, green, etc)
  63. Go to the dentist
  64. Get up earlier for a month
  65. Go to bed no later then 12 for a week (and then try a month!)
  66. Eat in a new restaurant
  67. Take up kickboxing
  68.  Get a teeth whitening kit
  69. Take photos of friends and family a lot more
  70. Try a new food
  71. Say yes more
  72. learn about more Irish brands
  73. Buy at least 3 different types of candles, not just Yankee!
  74. Put money in a jar for vet bills
  75. Try to help bloggers more with their blogs/products.general things!
  76. Mind my friends mental health better - talk and be more active with them
  77. Get my tongue double pierced
  78. Get a friend to join a group/activity with me
  79. Learn how to dive underwater 
  80. Buy lots of bath towels and tooth brushes - forever running out
  81. Collect addresses from friends and family 
  82. Buy an address book
  83. Go to the beach
  84. Have a picnic with friends
  85. Go on a hike
  86. Save more money
  87. Update my cv
  88. Find more blogs to follow and love
  89. Don't eat bread for one week each month
  90. Buy a top that isn't grey or black
  91. Learn how to cat walk in heels
  92. Go stay in Belfast (at Christmas time?)
  93. Email old friends I haven't talked to in years
  94. Go to a Kerry or Galway market
  95. Drink more herbal teas
  96. Get to know more of my distant relatives
  97. Make pancakes
  98. Climb a tree
  99. Dive off the end of a pier 
  100. Wear brighter eye makeup for a day
  101. Blog more then 115 times this year

I hope you might join in and make your 101 things list too. If you do, please leave your links below so I can take a look at your lists. Its not easy to come up with all of them, so don't worry if you have to have a think or come back to it later. Also use the hashtag #dayzeroproject on Twitter so can update everyone and give each other a bit of support too :)  


  1. Absolutely love reading people's bucket lists your one gives me a few idea's !!! Good luck girl wishing you the best for 2014 xoxox

    1. Yay delighted to give some inspiration! Thank you very much, same to you :) xxx

  2. Yes to the hard sole slippers & lunch in Bewleys I need to do both too! Am shocked you don't a pair of jeans and have never tried tan! We have to sort that out! Esp the jeans!

    1. Ha slipper shopping and then lunch date it is! Yeah I threw out all my jeans about a year ago cos' I had had some pairs since I was 15 and they were starting to wear just a tad.. But never got round to replacing them all! Shorts, leggings and skirts all the way! xxx

  3. Such a good idea cat! You will always have something positive to do for the next year :) x

    1. Ah thank you lady :) Yeah can't wait now to open them all! :)