Thursday 30 January 2014

Glossy Box - My Last One

I can't even hide how unimpressed I am with this months Glossy Box. When I first got the box to the front door last year as a present from my boyfriend I was more then delighted. I couldn't believe I was getting something I have watched bloggers and vloggers review forever and lusted over them all. But it seems that Glossy Box has just gone further and further downhill. The general feel on Twitter is the same, Glossy Box has lost well, the gloss? I know, no pun intended though! 

I'm not sure if this is going to be an ongoing thing, but this months box is shiny. I'm sorry but just no. No thank you. Their other matte boxes looked much better and clearly said luxury service, but now this new box just screams cheap and quite frankly, nasty. Back to basics is the theme of this months box and they really got it spot on with basics and the bare minimum in the product department. 

So, this is what I got. Sample size things that would have been cheaper to get in the shop instead of forking out around €16 for next to nothing. 
Yu-Be moisturising skin cream £13.50 for a full size.
 The Vintage Cosmetic Company floral slanted tweezers that are £8.
  Balance Me super toning body wash £10.25 for full size 250ml.
Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer wake-up under eye patches £6 for 3 pack.
Montagne Jeunesse passion peel off masque and blemish mud mask £1.09 per mask.

There is nothing in this box that I can't wait to use, I could leave or take it. The tweezers will come in handy if I loose my ones and I will try out the mask but I'm not excited about them like I am for other products. I think you will see now why I'm not impressed at all. I have unsubscribed from Glossy Box and going to take my hard earned few bob else where. 

Glossy Box actually tweeted at me when I took to Twitter to voice my anger at the box and they informed me that nexts months box would focus on make up... I don't know about you ladies and gents, but I'm glad I'm not sticking around to find out if the box delivers a full sized product or dare I hope, even equals to some of the €16 I have paid each month for the service. I am one unhappy girl today, sorry guys for such a grry negative post but I am so so upset and annoyed at this months box of 'samples'.


  1. I guess there is always the risk with subscription boxes that some months may be below par for some people - some may have really liked that box - I think something similar happened last year and by the looks of it people are still signing up. January can be a slow month for business to so there might not always be the companies willingly handing out things to be featured.

    Just my two cents worth.

    1. Yeah I can see where your coming from :) But Glossy Box is a huge service, companies are falling over themselves to be featured as it will get more publicity and bloggers like myself will get readers interested in them too. When you look at other subscription boxes for January this box is just to be laughed at. I've only had positive things to say about their limited edition boxes, but even then they are more expensive to get. x

  2. I was really unimpressed with the box too, I must investigate the PowderPocket Box and the Chic Treat one. I haven't read one good review of this month's Glossy Box!

    1. I got a PowderPocket Box and its going up for review in the morning, just get it! Its really great :) I'm not surprised at the angry and upset comments/reviews of Glossy Box, can't get over how bad this months was x