Saturday 25 January 2014

Provoke Touch Of Silver Sensations And Aussie

I have been colouring my hair on and off for years now, from deep plums, blues, pinks to my current slightly peroxide blonde. Now (and I have the pictures to prove it!) I am naturally a blonde, dirty blonde if yo will but I love the light look right now. When I dye my hair I never give it much love at all. I throw in some shade of blonde that I got in a bottle in Boots, not even bothering with a particular brand , just whatever is on offer or what colour looks like it might suit my mood that hour. Its a good way to pick permanent hair dye, right? I think so too. Just before the bloggers Christmas dinner back in December I decided I would dye the top half of my head in the same Cat just whatever falls in to my basket passing way that I do. But after it going a brassy white blonde from not being cared for, I went on the hunt.

Que Provoke touch of silver sensations shampoo and conditioner for gray, blonde and white hair. It protects from fading, dullness and gives it back a slightly softer and nicer shade. What I really like about this besides it working, is the smell. It doesn't have the normal fruit or floral scent that nearly all hair products have, it has a more high end just-went-to-the-hairdressers kind of smell. And bonus points for the salon look and smell but the next to nothing price! The fancy eye catching bottles and the purple colour of the product itself. Thanks, I'll just take the shelf full and be on my way.

 Anyway it really does work, I have the proof on my head after all! After only about 4 days using this I could visibly see a difference in how my hair looked. The grayish-green hue that had once been was gone and a softer, but still very white blonde look, was left. I also used the conditioner every second day as my hairs condition was less then loved from getting blow dryed and violently brushed (thanks tangle teaser) all over the place. However I noticed while the colour of my hair was looking better, the texture and general health of my hair was still downhill and the conditioner wasn't working.

I would highly recommend the shampoo for anyone who has coloured hair and wants to keep it looking amazing, but the conditioner in my opinion did nothing at all and was a waste of money. Instead I ran to Tesco and nabbed my life saver, go to hair care range, Aussie. I like to change up my shampoos and conditioners, trying new things is great fun! But really Aussie has my heart and I would think it would take a very special product to change my mind on that. Get the 3 minute miracle colour conditioner to go with this shampoo or even go the extra mile and get Aussie recharge colour leave-in conditioner. 

As always hope your all having a great day and week! Loved writing a review for this as it was an amazing thing to find that worked so quick for me, hope I find more to share with you all soon! x

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