Wednesday 8 January 2014

Christmas Sale Buys And What Pressies I Got!

Hello there all you lovely ladies and gents, I hope everyone had a really nice safe and relaxing Christmas. Also a happy new year to you all! I might have been awfully bold and abandoned my poor blog altogether for the likes of the lustful tin of roses and the many many reruns of Buffy and classic cheesy Christmas films. One cold and infection after another has left me promising to write up a blog post only to find myself face down snoring on the couch, so please try to ignore the time length!

I thought I'd start by showing everyone what I got for Christmas and then a few bits I nabbed in the sales. I went back for round two but I'll save that for another post soon! Apart from you all being jealous of my new pretty floral bed sheets - Ikea you sexy shop, you! You will notice that I have now renamed my blog to Big Blonde Girl as it not only makes life easier, but everyone knows me by that alone! The uber lovely Stephen from Hardly Working Highlight Reel  spent a painful amount of time on it for me, while I was leaning over his shoulder chewing his ear off. The poor sod! If you fancy your own beautiful blog banner then feel free to leave a comment on his blog or find him on Twitter. 

From L-R: A gas book my besties dad got for me, hes too good!/Irish mammies books from my mammy - expect lots of reviews!/Sleek make up brushes, be still my beating heart!/Benefit how to look the best at everything set that Stephen got for me/A gorgeous Yankee candle the mother in law got for me/Ombre nail set that the sister gave me/A chocolate santy of course!/Some gold FUN from Lush/A FUN set from lush - don't my family know me too well?!
If you have a look at the top picture you'll see my new gorgeous long purple scarf that the mother in law knit for me. I just. I just can't. Hash tag in love!!

And now onto the great bargains I got in the sales! Naturally on Stephens Day I was first in the que at the door of Lush, but that to be expected of me. don't you know. My total mind blown buys were the 500g Pounche shower gel €10.48 and an unexpected find of Lovely Jubbly breast cream for only €10.95 - its literally never on sale! I also got two Penguin and Christmas eve bubble bars that were €6.76 for them all! A little bit of angels delight soap, €2.33 and lastly the stardust gift set for €16.98. You can see all the wonderful things in it below!

Then I wondered into Boots and came away with some lovely cards, a royal jelly set and a Beauticology set that I had my eye on for ages before Christmas all for under €13! 

This New Year I have not resolutions, this year I'm just going to take one day at a time and hope that everyday is better then the last. To help me on my way I'm doing little things to perk myself up, which I will be blogging lots about soon.

For now, as always, have a fab day and 2014. You lads and ladies keep chatting, following and supporting me each in your own way and I am so grateful for you all. If 2013 was anything to go by, then I can't wait to see what this year brigs x


  1. You lucky thing! I had my eyes on that beauticology set but never bought it :-/
    Enjoy your Lush goodies!

    1. N'aww well next Christmas you can be all prepared for the sales!! Thanks ;) x