Wednesday 16 April 2014

Madison Make Up Brushes

A few weeks ago I was given the chance to try out the new *Madison professional make up brushes and I was very excited. Not only am I a huge make up brush enthusiast and that these looked too good to even open, but they are also made by an Irish guy called Paul who owns The Cosmetic Outlet in Dublin. Gorgeous brushes and supporting the Irish? Well, don't mind if I do thanks!

This kit is really perfect for anyone who is a beginner or even a pro with this set including 7 natural and synthetic haired brushes all for just €30. And if thats not good enough, it even comes with a handy sleek brush holder as well to keep your brushes clean and safe while travelling. I really love brushes that come with a holder, it makes life so much easier and I feel like they are an extra luxury.

In order of the left picture below:

Flat foundation brush: Made of 100% synthetic hair
I have to say, there was a little bit of fall out with this brush that drove me mad and I ended up washing it and fluffing it off the back of my hand before round two. After that it worked a dream, using it daily now.

Powder brush: Made of 100% natural hair
Definitely one of the best powder brushes in my collection, I love the size of this and how well it picks up powders. 

Stippling brush: Made of mixed natural and synthetic
This has to be the most exciting brush in the set for me. I have never owned a stippling brush and was overjoyed when I realised it had one! I even went off to YouTube and learnt all its uses and how to use it properly. I have used this for foundation and love it, the finish is amazing. If you only get one of these brushes it has to be this one.

In order of the right picture above:

Lip brush: Made of 100% natural hair
I have actually used this brush to apply eye shadow to the crease of my eye as it gives such precise finish and I don't end up with a crease the size of today and tomorrow. I reach for this every time I'm doing my eyes now.

Angle shadow brush: Made of 100% natural hair
I use this one to blend out of eye shadow but more recently I've started to use it for highlighting my brow or in the inner part of my eye.

Small eye shadow brush: Made of 100% natural hair
I am finding it a little hard to break this brush in, its a little stiff and doesn't pick up the shadows amazingly, I might wash it and try it out again. I'll report back!

Big eye shadow brush: Made of 100% natural hair
I really like this brush, its easy to use, feather light and holds the shadows really well. I use this one all the time and would love to get another one.

You can get the set and the bigger brushes from The Cosmetic Outlet or if you go to their Facebook page you can get them posted out to you, handy stuff! Paul has also told me that the smaller brushes will be coming out if you wish to buy them separately. But you have to get that lip and stippling brush, you just have to!!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

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