Tuesday 15 April 2014

Sleek Contour Kit

Sleek, oh how I adore you. Your sexy, full of promises that you keep, your colourful, give great coverage, staying power and make me look amazing. What more could you ask for from makeup? Until last year I had never owned a Sleek product before and now the place is coming down with them - not that I'm complaining, oh no! I could rave to you all day about their brushes, their *pauses to drool* eye shadow palettes or indeed their contour kits. Anything I have tried so far from this range I have few bad words to say about them and today is no different.

A while ago I got it into my head that I was going to take on a new part of make up for me - contouring. Done right it always looks amazing but I had never done it before apart from Halloween and if you feck it up then you can just call it overdone for the day that it is! So with only the kardashians to help me (I know right? Totally fecked!) I went off and bought this from Cloud10Beauty for €7.99. As you can see from the messy packaging I have been putting it to good use over the last few weeks and now envy more and more women, men and drag queens alike who can use this stuff. One day, one day!!

I got my palette in light as I'm a pale yoke and I was afraid to go too dark in case I looked a proper fright. I will say, contouring is a bit of craic and I always find it great fun if I have time to mess about with my mug. The highlighter is gorgeous and adds just a tiny glow and highlight to my face while the darker pressed powder really brings out my features and gives me the allusion of slight hallows and bones where there will never ever be any, its magical! It is so easy to blend and sits beautifully for the entire day. No sliding once I put some setting powder over it like I normally would for any make up and it hasn't reacted at all to my overly sensitive skin like some make up has. 

I really love Sleeks packaging too. Its so.. sleek? I know, I'm getting worse at descriptions but thats what it is! It also has a strong clasp that closes it tight so it never opens in my bag. This little palette is the handiest thing to have in your bag if like me, sometimes you forget a mirror when your changing your make up bag so much. The kit comes with a leaflet that gives diagrams of where to put your contouring which I found uber helpful and a nice touch. I'd highly recommend nabbing yourself one of these bargain kits from Cloud10Beauty or in Boots. 

Without and with flash in natural daylight.

Have you tried this kit or anything from Sleek?

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