Friday 18 April 2014

New NYC Expert Last Lipstick

NYC make up had a buy one get one half price in SuperDrug and I was going to pick up something in particular anyway so it would have been a shame not to take advantage of the offer. I came away with their new expert last lipstick in the shade 404 Air Kiss. Isn't it pretty? Since I started wearing it I have had so many people ask me what I'm wearing. Delighted with myself! I even had to go pick one up for the mammy when I was in Penneys - their budget make up stand collection is amazing! NYC, Catrice, Wet'n'Wild and Essence all under one roof? I'm bringing my tent next time. Ah, new home!

The new last lipstick claims to be moisturising, last up to 6 hours, doesn't feather or bleed and long lasting shine. Hmm, well now I can safely say that it does in a way last a long time but not 6 hours. Its quite drying on the lips once the top layer has warn off and you would want to use a lip scrub before applying this as it does cling to any imperfections or dry skin. I like to apply a lip balm on underneath this so it doesn't dry out my lips. However it doesn't bleed and has a good shiny staying powder as long as you don't drink or go off kissing someone! It has a sweet smell that I really like but I would say its not for everyone, have a sniff of a tester if your thinking of picking it up! This lipstick comes in 20 colours (see them all here) and are a cheap as chips €2.49. You can get them in Penneys and lots of chemists stock NYC stands as well.

Above is a swatch in natural sunlight and I managed to stab the poor lipstick with the lid, extremely special person that I am! But considering its less then 3 quid, I'm not going to cry over it.

Below, as many selfies as I can fit into one post. I know, right?

 You should go treat yourself to one, cos' I said so x

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