Thursday 17 April 2014

Timotei Golden Highlights Conditioner

I mostly like to get my shampoos and conditioners in sets cos' I'm fussy like that. But recently I've been picking up a lot of mismatched hair products as they have been on special offer and I can't walk by a value or half off sign without at least getting one thing. It would be rude not to!

Timotei has surprised me over the last month with not only a great dry shampoo but also this, a really good all round fab conditioner. This is the golden highlights 400ml infused with 100%natural camomile extract and skin neutral ph, so if you have golden highlights (or just blonde ish!) and very sensitive skin this will be great for you. It also has 0% parabens too, if thats your sort of thing. I really like the smell of this, it isn't overpowering like some conditioners can be but at the same time you are still able to get a nice scent from your hair all day, even when its dry and has been though the works.

I like to leave this on for about 10 minutes in the shower or if I'm in the bath then it could be anything up to an hour. Whatever the length of time (but the longer you leave it the more time it has to work on your hair!) I always find that my hair is softer, easier to manage and easier to brush out. My hair is also fecked with a lot, between bleaching, dying and not getting the attention or love it really needs. However the other day a girl in a coffee shop felt it (we were talking about hair and she asked to feel mine, it wasn't some random hair toucher!) and was surprised by how soft it was, despite it looking a little less then soft kitty. I told her about this conditioner and we had a grand time swapping product thoughts. (I was crushing hard by the time we said bye, it was love at first hair flick) A lot of people have the misfortune to touch my hair when it is full to the brim with dry shampoo and mistake my hair then for being brittle and dry, the sexy head that I do have! But its either dry shampoo or flat, slightly greasy hair. I always pick the bottle over limp hair!

You can get this in Tesco as Boots doesn't seem to stock this one. Its on offer and all at the moment! Find it over here for a bargain.

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