Monday 14 April 2014

SuperDrug Hair Removal Cream

I might have been in the Square last week and gone a bit wild in the aul SuperDrug. As there are feck all SuperDrugs in Ireland I thought there was little point in doing a haul and instead I'm just going to review the things I got as I go along. This own brand sensitive formula hair removal cream for legs and body caught my eye as it was cheaper then my normal Veet hair removal cream and it held the promise of being sensitive. And we all know sensitive means its not going to burn the bits off you, now don't we?

This 100ml cream comes with a handy little spatula like yoke,just like the Veet ones do, so there was no scratching the head reading instructions for me. I knew how this worked and thought I was on the ball. I'll be honest, if I was really going to give this a test run I had to use it on the legs and the other bits to be able to write the review. Now, the legs had been shaved about 4/5 days ago so there was that sexy stubble, divine. The eh other bits? Well green peace was outside the bathroom door chanting in protest to not destroy the forest, so I had two different lengths to work with. (With images like that, I sometimes questions why people read my blog. Its just all about the TMI with me.) 

The cream got slapped on everything and I gave it a good 10 minutes to let the magic happen. The first thing I noticed was unlike other hair removal creams (and I have tried them all) there wasn't that horrible chemically smell you normally get. Instead it was creamy with lavender and a hint of chemical - not at all unpleasant. It also spread just as well as anything I've ever used and heres the major winning part for me, it didn't sting or hurt at all!

Now the legs were good, not like amazing 'here feel how soft I am, I'm going to hop into bed and let you touch them way', but it would do for a knee skimming dress kind of thing. The other bits however... Nope, it got about half off and I eventually had to turn to my Veet and repeat the entire process resulting with eh, well my sex was on fire. Man that Veet burns! 

Overall I think if I was using this every few days to get rid of stubble it would be the perfect product as it smells good and doesn't sting at all. But for a more eh, intense operation I'd be going for Veet or a razor to sort it out. The next thing on the list is going to be one of those at home waxing things once I decide to grow balls and buy one. Oh wouldn't that be a fun post to read! (brace yourselves!)

Hope your having a happy day, hairy or smooth x

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