Thursday 2 October 2014

September Favourites

This has been such a good month for me, I'm so sad to see it go! I feel like it lasted the perfect amount of time, does anyone else get like that? I'm forever saying a month dragged or flew, but never that it was just right. It could have something to do with it been my birthday month, but sure feck it, everyone has to have a good time now and again. I have so so much that I have loved this month and actually had to narrow it down. Normally I'm wreaking my brain trying to think what I have used and enjoyed, but not for September. I've actually loved so much I've decided to do a few separate reviews to satisfy my cravings and need to tell people about wonderful things. I've spent the full day taking photos non stop, I'm delighted to have a few things ready to go for the blog. Theres nothing worse then feeling like your getting behind and will never be able to blog again.

I've a good few things that I've loved that aren't really beauty related. For one Netflix; I just realised  a few days ago that How I Met Your Mother has a season 9, I thought it ended at 8! So I can't wait to start watching that. (Those of you who are big HIMYM fans have every right to boo and give out to me!) I've also been really getting into Once Upon A Time - a retelling of all your favourite fairy tales but with a modern twist thats just great. I'm half way through season 2 and its starting to drag, but I've been told it picks up! Has anyone watched it? Lastly Bones. I'm a long time fan of Bones but somewhere down the line I stopped watching it so over the past two months I've been re-watching all the seasons. Its so good and addictive! 

Other things that I've been loving are candles (which I will do a review of soon) and hot chocolate. Nearly every single night I will go to bed with one, I'm awful! But after putting back a big box of Cadburys last time I was in Tesco, I thought I'd treat myself only to find that the biggest tub was reduced to €2. Made my month. I've been to lots of blogger events this month too and its just so lovely to meet new people and catch up with blogger friends that I genuinely have such a big space in my heart for. Ugh, you women!! *cuddles all the ladies*

Oh, and the Gyspy Rose bar in town (on the quays?) is normally somewhere I'd never venture - loud, many many people and if I'm honest, a little scary. But I was in there one of the really quiet nights and I was bowled over by how friendly, polite and just down right gentlemanly the fella behind the bar was. Its not often a bar tender makes me feel safe and not even slightly perved on, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell anyone and everyone to stop by if your looking for some nice staff.

That was a freakin' mad long intro, sorry! First, lets just take a minute to love these colours above, side by side. Mmmm. Max Factors new nail varnishes were one of the only ones I wore this month, alone and with colourful accent nails. These were two of my favourtie colours as they stood out and made an outfit. Have a proper look at the entire collection Over Here.

Two random things that I've really loved this month are bobbins and earphones that are both pink! Some of you will have seen my haul from yesterday that had these invisibobbles in it. I've had these for almost two weeks (I know, shameful to have a haul and not put it up sooner!) have been using them non stop. I love them more then any bobbins I've ever had. They don't break on me, are really stretchy, hold hair much better then regular bobbins, don't catch or pull on my hair and are different to the everyday stuff you see. I know these claim to leave no kinks in your hair but I've noticed some in mine - much less then with normal bobbins but still a few. However that wouldn't stop me from using them or going out and buying more. Its love. 

Next are these earphones that were €2 in the pound shop! I got them as I broke my other ones (€3 from Penneys) and wanted to watch videos on the bus. They are so freakin' handy!! You pull them all the way out and when your done pull on them again and the wrap themselves back up. No untangling for 10 minutes before you can listen to music. The one downside is that they are only €2 so the quality isn't amazing. But there cheap enough that if I break them it isn't a big loss, easy to use and small enough not to take up space in my bag. 200 please and thank you!

Its hard to find a really good lipstick that I will wear non stop. I'm not one for bothering with my lips too much, let alone reapplying. This is a serious big deal for me, I've been using this for a month and a half every time I go out. Every, single, time. Its from one of my favourite brands, Seventeen and is their supreme shine lipstick in the shade Pink Posey. I went on the hunt for something that was dark and purple, but wasn't going to be too OTT - the lighting is so poor in the above photo, I'm sorry! This entire collection is darker shades that just make you want them all. I've been so happy with this one and its half way gone, its been that used. Its moistursing, slightly shiny and doesn't have a very strong colour that you would need to apply in front of a mirror. Its really perfect for on the go or sneakily putting back on between drinks or food. It doesn't last forever but it keeps my lips hydrated which for a 'drug store' brand lipstick is amazing. Theres 12 colours at €6.29 each. Plus, look at the shiny gorgeous packaging!   

Two little palettes that I haven't been able to do without are the Wet'n'Wild Comfort Zone and the NYX eyebrow cake powder. I'm not going to talk about the eyebrow kit at all because it needs its own post. Thats how much love I'm willing to give it. Watch out for it on the blog soon! Every time I've put on makeup without fail I have used these. I've loved the eyeshadows so much that I went out specially and bought a brown mascara to go with the brown side for a smoky eye look. I've also got brave and used the green side a few times. I've put some of the eyeball looks up on Instagram over here if you fancy a goo. You can also see my full review with swatches of all the colours Over Here.

The last two things are old loves of mine. Vaseline spray and go body moisturiser has got so much love this month that my cocoa one finished and I've started to use this one now. These bottles last a crazy long time too. I got a little sick of a nearly empty product so one morning after the shower I tried to finish up the bottle. I was covered from head to toe in this stuff and there was far too much, but after I rubbed it in a little it was totally absorbed and gone. I'm even more impressed with it now as I was sure there would be a greasy residue left on my skin and I'd feel sticky. But that wasn't the case at all and I am pleased to say this will be a long time repurchase until they stop making the stuff! 

For my birthday I got so many lovely things from friends and family but decided not to do a 'haul' post as I find they can sound quite braggy at times. But one thing that I've been using loads is this Yardley perfume called Diamond. I've had this once before and its the most lovely fresh scent that I have owned. I was gutted when I finished it and I remember going on a hunt only to find Boots didn't stock it. So when a friend guess bought this for me without knowing I loved it, I was delighted! And just look at that bottle. Oh its so pretty. I always feel lighter, fresh and 'wake me up' scents make me feel so much happier and perky then my deep heavy sweet scents, although most of my collection is made up of the latter!

So, tell me something you've loved this September!
And also, do you have any Netflix recommendations?


  1. I've been watching Once Upon A Time for a few years now, it's one of my favourite shows!

    Definitely need to try out those invisibobbles, my hair is too big for the regular kind and they always break on me :P

    1. Mad how I've only just found it this month! I love seeing all the characters as modern people! Those bobbins are the best thing ever, sometimes my hair can go poof and it holds it all up and away from my face :) x