Wednesday 25 September 2013

Birthday Haul

This is purely for those of you who like having a nosy at different blogger hauls just because. So if your not one of those people feel free to ignore this one! I am in no way boasting or 'showing off'. All items below were gifted to me by family and friends. 

As some of you will know I turned 21 last Wednesday (the 18th for anyone who cares to know!) and my family and friends all went a bit mad with gifts. I got some really lovely things and am very grateful for each thought that was put into the day. So I just thought I'd show you a few bits now. There is nothing from Stephen here for the simple reason that he lost his marbles completely and bought half of Lush for me along with lots of other things and if I was to talk about that it would turn into a Lush haul!  

My mother got me three beautiful pieces from Newbridge Silverware. A flower shaped key chain, a little cat (sparkly cat for the win!) keyring and a set of gorgeous, dried, pink flower filled mirror and trinket box. I also got a lovely Argento necklace called Hope that has the cutest little pearl on the top and also a sparkly (Sparkly!) blue French Connection necklace from two of my friends.  

Everyone knows how much I love cards and I got the biggest bundle! Theres quite a few cat inspired ones too, which I just want to giggle at while jumping about in an overexcited fashion pointing. Two of my other passions, books and candles were clearly carefully noted as I received a sky high stack of both and I'm very excited about the lot. Cook books, owls, comedy books, yankee and even two cheeky dvds? Expect me to emerge from my room by say, Christmas? Ok, good!

Last but not least, I got a really thoughtful hand made scarf from a friends mother. She knitted and crocheted it in a fab dark blue with - the best part - loads of sparkles through it! To say I am excite is an understatement. I feel really fancy, movie star like when I have it on, hence the ridiculous face/pose and crazy hair flicking fashion show going on in the picture/my room right now.

Anyway thats the show and tell over with, now excuse me while I cat walk to the nearest chair to read my book! Have a fab day x