Monday 16 September 2013

My New Tattoo!

Ah lads and ladies I finally did it, I got that new tattoo I talked about in my last tattoo post. If your new here, hello and welcome! Go check out my other tattoos here. For all the rest of you fine people, I will do a little show and tell. You wouldn't guess I'm dreadfully excited to share this at all would you? Theres an internal battle going on inside of me while I'm typing this. 'Do not use too many exclamation marks Cat! Don't dare do it!' (see what I did there? Think it filled the craving somewhat.)

Here we have the latest edition, my beautiful daisy chain.. Le sigh. I got this back at the very start of June. This is dedicated to my dad who passed away a few years ago, hence the 'J' charm. After popping into a load of tattoo shops to talk with artists about designs and the prices, everyone said the same thing. It would cost a small fortune, hurt (ha a tattoo hurt? News to me!) and could take up to 6 hours to complete. Total fail and off I went back home feeling sorry for myself. That was until I remembered a friend who was a tattoo artist and after a little phone call I was off to get needles stuck in me for the craic. (The puns!)

Looking scary with my tattoo healing
V tattoo is the name of the place, its in Temple Bar across from the Mezz bar, its a bit tricky to find if your not looking closely. Philip was the name of the artist and he was great. He drew up a design for me, spent ages redoing it when I got fussy and was a fab guy in general. It took about 6 hours to do with one smoke/food break in between. I also went back 2 weeks later and sat for about another hour and a half getting things touched up and a little redoing on some parts. I found the healing on this difficult and a little tender for longer then any of my other tattoos. I also have gotten some spots scattered over and around the flowers that hasn't died down with time which is a bit of a pain. Guess its more reason to go shopping and try new spot treatments, what a cough shame.

Pain wise it was about a 7 out of 10 at its worst points. Because it was over lots of different parts of my arm it was hard to get a decent pain level rating. My bone and wrist hurt the most. (I shudder at the thoughts of my wrist.) Also it was my first ever colour piece and man, I really felt the difference! Some people think different colours come with a different amount of pain but for me it was all the same. I'm very sure the pain level wouldn't have been as bad if it had just been in all black but what the hell, it was so worth it!

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