Monday 30 September 2013

NOTD: Star Gazer

I feel like I haven't done a NOTD in so long. For some reason the past few months I've been neglecting my nails and just leaving them to bite on occasion. (worst habit ever, I know!) 

This is from Star Gazers ultra cover nail varnish collection in 304, that I got in the Ilac Center for €2.99. Its a lovely dark blue colour that has so much shimmer and tiny yellow/green glitter. This colour reminds me of Gosh nail lacquer in 540 Ocean but much more affordable.

As you can see from the photo I use this loads when I do pay attention to my nails that is. It goes on easy and about to two will make sure its bold and perfect. The varnish lasts about 3 days before it starts chipping. Its very easy to take off, however it leaves a blue stain on your nails that has to wear off as nothing will remove it. Bit of a fail there.

The brush in this isn't anything to rave about, I found it a little big for my liking and couldn't help but knock off the edge of my nail onto my skin - see the awful paint job below. But still, that might just by my awful painting skills. The bottle is one of my favourite that I own in my ever expanding collection, next to my models own bottle. (If it wasn't seen as weird I would frame that gorgeous bottle.) Its simple, a lovely round glass bottle and the lettering on it stands out from the varnish colour, great stuff. 

What nail varnish are you wearing?

Make sure and come back soon, I'm going to be holding a Halloween giveaway!

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