Tuesday 24 September 2013

Book Review: No-one Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday

Stephen got me an Amazon voucher and naturally I spent it on books because honestly, what else is Amazon for? I got No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday for £1.99 on kindle. I downloaded the first few sample chapters and knew it was going to be good. This is Tracy Bloom's first book and it has stayed in the top 100 best sellers list for over 115 days, go girl!

We follow Katy who is a 36 year old girl with it all under control. House owner, successful job with the best and very fabulous gay friend Daniel. But the cherry on top, Ben the much younger PE teacher boyfriend. He makes inappropriate jokes, has immature friends and tends to be covered in mud and foul smelling sports clothes when hes finished work. Hes not the sort of guy Katy planned to spend the rest of her life with, after all he is just a bit of fun. Its nothing serious and they haven't even bothered with the 'L' word its that cool and relaxed. Katy couldn't imagine herself with anyone really, not since her childhood sweetheart Matthew, who ended their long distance relationship in a not so pleasant way. But life goes on and Katy never has to set eyes on Matthew again, or at least not until they meet a their school reunion. Its emotional and fun to reconnect after so long with a lot left unsaid and soon a one night stand leads to the big dilemma. Katy is now pregnant and she doesn't know if Matthew or Ben is the dad. Right so.

Katy doesn't set eyes on Matthew again until she is eight months pregnant walking into her first antenatal class while he sits beside his heavily pregnant wife. This book was a lovely and funny read that had you wanting to turn page after page to see what new kind of trouble Katy was getting herself into next. Tracy Bloom has managed to create a lovable character that is easy to relate to and have empathy for even if her situation is a little on the tricky side and not everyone can say they have been in her shoes. 

I think what I loved most about this book was the sort of feelings Katy had with these two different men. I could relate to some of her old love sick feelings she felt for her ex Matthew, I mean we have all been there and know what it feels like to see the guy who hurt you again. Or the current flame Ben, who is so sweet and fun but you get the impression that Katy feels he isn't the guy to bet on and she doesn't know where she stands with him. 

If you want an easy going read about a girl who wants to protect her heart and keep her life on track with all its twists and turns then this ones for you. Because we all know that life never turns out the way we plan it to. Its a must for the book shelf!

What are you reading at the moment?


  1. This sounds really good, I want to read it now! :) x


    1. Delighted to hear I'm not the only one with the book worm bug! :D x