Sunday 15 September 2013

Some Blogs I Love #1

When I used to do 'things I've loved this week' I would some times mention blogs that were super great and I really liked reading. But now I think its time to make a proper list just to be fancy and honestly who doesn't love a good list, right? I'd love everyone to check them out, so I'm going to do a few posts on bloggers as I don't want to overwhelm anyone! Anyway, in no order here we go:

Hello OctoberSuzie is a fun girl who takes some utterly fab pictures while giving great beauty reviews and showing some lovely outfit of the days. My one stand out love for this beauty is her always-perfectly-done-to-a-tee eye makeup. Wow has that girl got peepers! Oh and I just love following her stories on her travels and events.

We Are Large, People: Rebecca does wonderful life posts, DIY, cooking and my favourite, outfit of the day. Unfortunately shes doesn't post regularly anymore, but if you go back over posts you will fall in love with her funny personality and quirky style. I always have my fingers crossed she will be back soon.

Paperbacks and Postcards: Amy has the most lovely make up of the day posts ever - And I have to admit I'm not normally a fan of those type of posts in general. Her eyes are huge and I'm always so jealous of them! I love her different beauty box openings and the backgrounds to all her product photos. She takes really great photos and catches every detail. Shes so fun and unique to read!

Lovely Girlie Bits:  This blog is run by two down to earth sisters Karen and Joanne who are might I add, Irish girls! These ladies always have the latest beauty products reviewed for us. They add something a little extra when they write a piece, its like sitting with your best friend for a cuppa and a chat about lip gloss or hair spray! Check them out on youtube as well.

Zoella: Zoe is someone I just love reading. She is fun and so so girly, its great! Again, her pictures are always so perfect and her style is so beautiful. She is a tiny little fairy that is always laughing and smiling She suffers with anxiety and its great to see her overcoming it and really blooming, especially over the past few months. I religiously watch her on youtube as well.  

Sprinkle of Glitter: Louise is easily my favourite youtuber and blogger in the whole wide world. She is also a  mum who shares life posts sometimes that includes her little girl Darcy or 'baby glitter'. This lady is also amazing with the old picture taking, my goodness! To top it all off she is best friends with Zoe. Two internet people I love catching up with in the same place? Yes please!

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