Sunday 22 September 2013

Bobo's Restaurant Review

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Part of the restaurant, My Vogue face with friends, Energizer Juice ,
Friends and cow wall, Half and half, Banana split, Seriously big Conn Burger,
Me attached to my friends cool coloured chinos, Fancy champagne, Van our lovely curly haired friend, myself and Stephen.

As I said in my last post, I went out for a lovely 21st birthday dinner on Saturday night with some of my closest buddies and I picked the best place in town, even if I do says so myself! I decided on Bobos (Dame St) because myself and Stephen pass it a lot and always mean to go in, so what better excuse then a big birthday dinner. Bobos specializes in gourmet Irish burgers and sources as much of their menu from Irish suppliers as possible. I called a week in advance to book and they said not only was a party of 12 fine but there was no service charge. If you don't eat out in big groups a lot you wont have to deal with the dreaded service charge of anything from 15%+ of the bill that most restaurants enforce, oh its just not cool. 

When we got there we were all met with a great buzz and friendly waitresses that brought us to our table. The layout is lovely, the music was at really nice quiet level and art on the walls creative and fun. But don't let all that bother you, its down to the business of food, right? The menu has a wide range of beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veggie and even fish burgers, all with quirky names like the The Humpty Dumpty or even The Sex on the Farm. A quick warning? Theses burgers are huge! And you can't have a burger without a nice helping of chubby or skinny chips in a bucket to make a meal complete. You can also get a wide range of soft drinks, smoothies, coffees, teas, beers and wines to suit yourself. If your not totally stuffed after all that - and believe me you will be - you can chew down on one of their  death by chocolate sundaes or a coke float. I got the Conn Burger (€9.95) that is piled high with salad, Dubliner cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and more.. Need I go on? A side of Half and Half (€5.25) half onion rings, half chubby chips - truly the best of both worlds. If you go in and have nothing else, please try their onion rings, its like a party in your mouth. The thoughts of all this food is making me hungry now!

You can check out their menu here and they are also located on Wexford St if your down that way. Now I have to add something really awful, you can give out to me later... They do take aways too guys. I know, I'm sorry. Bobos have a Twitter offer here at the moment, any burger and chips for €7 before 6pm. Every. Single. Day. Have I made my point? Go check them out and see for yourself how yummy and fab the place is!

Dame St Bobo's, image source


  1. The burgers sound amazing! I really love all of these burger restaurants that are opening up at the minute! xx

    1. They really were the best burgers I've had lately. Yep can't get enough of them! Anything with cheese on it is a win :)