Wednesday 2 October 2013

Life Makes Me Happy

I share so much of my life with so many wonderful people, I'm really lucky to have them all. And so in this post I want to share with all of you what makes me happy in life. For one being able to blog about all the things I like and getting to talk to others because of it give me excited butterflies just thinking about it! Its strangly calming being able to make photo collages or spending ages thinking hard about how to tell you all about a product. 

Instead of going left to right, I'm going down in rows as its easier to follow! 

Row one: Onion rings that are to die for, genuinely have never had nicer ones. (post here) / My new flower tattoo is my latest piece and I'm delighted to finally have it. (post here) / A sneaky snap of myself and Stephen, no doubt giving out to the poor guy. / Nivea factor 50+ from one of the first hot days of summer, I went to the beach with friends and it was great. / Catness stretched out  asleep in the sun.

Row two: The lovely Stephen who is too cute! / Dodie in a rare moment of staying still long enough to photograph / Some beautiful flowers my mom gave my gran.

Row three: The side street Skinflint is on (post here) / My handmade birthday scarf (post here) / Andrew and me at my birthday dinner / Thomas driving looking posh / One of my most proud blog photos of late, all in line. (post here) 

Row four: My friend Siofra and her amazing hair / Feeding our pigeons in the sunshine / Some of my besties who came to my sisters wedding (post here) / Catness in her normal spot, taking up the whole couch! / Van, me and Stephen in Bobos (post here)

Row five: Me being a bit mad. My friends chinos were a cool turquoise colour  / Lush face mask that I really liked (post here) / 21st birthday balloons that my mom got for me (love her for the effort she put in)  / Me and Ciaran on a fo cow couch at my birthday dinner / blackberries I took some photos of on a walk near my house.

Thank you for all your support and reading my blog. If your new, welcome! As always ladies and gents, have a fab day x

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