Thursday 3 October 2013

Huge Boots And Pound Shop Haul

As you can see, I went a tiny bit mad the other day in Boots and bought some essentials.. And then some lusted after goodies I've been wanting to try for yonks. First off was a bee line to the shampoo and condition section as I am nearly out of my normal Boots €1.95 stuff. It was 3 for 2 so I got a lovely smelling Dove set and an Aussie deep conditioner that I tried years ago and loved ever since. (Benefits of having showers at friends houses you see.) I got some Boots own brand chamomile and lemon balm shampoo as it was cheap as chips and smells lovely. 

I finally caved in and got Maybelline baby lips in cherry, I really can not wait to try it out! I picked up buy one get one half price cotton pads as I'm nearly all out and repurchased my Natural Collection powder in two colours because again they were on offer and I want to see which colour is the best now that I'm using a different foundation. I also managed to finally find and repurchase 17's eye shadow trio in metallic toffee (see it here in action!) It was harder to find then 

I needed to get some more Vitamin C tablets as I'm all out and really don't want to get one of my seasonal horrible colds, ugh! I got some Impulse into glamour (oh it smells so good!) and a little roll on Vaseline with aloe just to try it out. Hair pins grow legs and walk off on me so I threw in a pack and to finish off the crazy Boots rampage I picked up a packet of exfoliating mitts. 

Lastly I saw that a pound shop had all its Halloween stock in and even dragged my mother in I was that excited! I came away with a little Frankenstein and a ghost, two sets of spider earrings and my favourite thing ever - confetti and glitter!

Have you entered my Halloween giveaway yet?

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