Sunday 6 October 2013

Lush Sugar Scrub

I got a whole lot of Lush things for my birthday last month from loads of friends and family (oh they know me too well) This sugar scrub was one of those things. I've used a sample of this before, a very long time ago but couldn't really remember what I thought of it, so I was delighted to get to test it out again. 

Sugar scrub is a green half circle of well, sugar! You break parts of it off in the shower and use it to scrub your entire body. It exfoliates and some people say its great for getting rid of cellulite. It has sugar, ginger and fennel oil that all drain water and toxins from the skin tissue - scientific or what? After using it I felt way more awake, it has a very strong ginery smell with a hint of something else but once you rub it onto your skin you can smell some lavender too, nom I love the smell of it! It felt lovely on my skin and was like I was getting right into rough skin making it softer but it was kind of hard to break pieces off without some of it falling apart, some of it ended up on the shower floor or down the drain - ahh no! However it redeems itself because I'm going to be getting at least 3 uses out of this bad boy and it felt lovely to use.  

A nice little wake up treat that has a great crazy green colour for £2.95, a bit hard to use but you get your moneys worth. I don't know if I'd go and purchase this myself, maybe once in a while or as a little surprise gift for someone. Go in and ask about these lovely scrubs next time you pass a Lush (If you don't know, Lush staff are the most helpful and informative people ever!) 

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  1. Oh, I love anything with ginger! :D

    1. Go you! I don't think ginger is in my top favourite smells but it have amazing health benefits if you eat it regularly :) x