Sunday 13 October 2013

My Top 5 Hand Creams

Something a little different for you all, my top five favourite hand creams! I am a big fan of hand creams as I tend to use them as a multi purpose item for my hands, elbows, arms, feet and sometimes knees. They get a grueling testing out and if they can't make my skin soft its in the bin with them never to be bought again. These are in no particular order, being in my hand bag, beside my bed or getting passed around my friends, they are my go-to creams.

Dove indulgent nourishment is an old favourite of mine. My mom has used Dove, my gran has used it. Its just one of those loved and trusted brands. I particularly like this one as is has shea butter in it making my skin smell devine and it is a deep care complex forumla just to add fancyness to the pot. I use it as a before bed cream for my elbows and feet, waking up to noticeably softer skin. 

Cath Kidston Wild Flowers in honeysuckle is so handy to throw in my bag or when travelling as its the perfect size and smells like home in the summer (we have honeysuckle growing at the entrance to the garden) I use this only on my hands as I feel its a small tube and I don't want to waste it on anything that can be covered with shoes or clothes! - Weird I know. 

Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Radiance I picked this up before Christmas last year in a sale for €1.40 (good memory huh?!) just to try out and fell in love with it. I reminds me of my Dove one with the same shea and cocoa butter smell. This one I use on my hands all the way up to my elbows to help them keep soft and not rough or sore. Works a treat.

Flower Pharm is actually a body butter but I love to use it as a hand cream as well. You can get three in a pack from Tecso and they really work wonders. I use this one all over and it give the best results to my knees. Ah, to be a softie all over. Le sigh.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula is my last but not least hand cream. Theres a bit of a trend here with the cocoa butter, I know but I just love the smell and how soft it makes my skin! This is a concentrated cream with vitamin E so it gives extra love when my skin needs it most. This is kept in my top drawer so I can grab it when my skin needs it most. I picked this up in Pennys. 

What are some of your favourite hand creams? As always I hope everyone is keeping happy and well! You can always find and talk to me on Twitter.

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