Saturday 5 October 2013

Some Blogs I Love #2

Hopefully you will have read my first post in this mini series, but if not check it out here. For the rest of you, you know the drill! Lets Begin;

Lips So Facto: A newish blog to me but over the past 2 months or so it has fast become a must
read for me. I even just love the name so much. Meg has a certain style of writing that makes you feel likes shes tailored what shes talking about just for you. You can find her just as active on YouTube, if not more. Is she not the most pretty girl you have ever seen?

A Model Recommends: My little heart flutters slightly at the mention of Ruth, the model. Did I mention shes a model? I've been a long time follower of Ruth's, she reviews some very high end products that I will never be able to afford, but instead of it making me feel a little down her reviews satisfy me and I know more about what there like, told to me by a real person and not just a promotion. Also love her Sunday Tittle Tattle. Have to read it every single Sunday, without fail. YouTube over here! (P.S. she has a cat and takes photos of him regularly - my home girl right there) 

Fleur De Force: Fleur is an amazing YouTuber and blogger, I tend to read her reviews because she gets the most up to date new product releases to review before they come out, so you can get a sneaky peek! I must admit, I enjoy her a little more on youtube then in the written word.

Beauty And The Books: Jo is my kind of girl, shes funny, likes to chat and has the best topics about. Its not just beauty this girly talks about, its her life and even some books! I have been a fan of her for so long and it only occurred to me recently to actually follow her blog to show support! She doesn't post loads, but when she does they are jems. 

Tattoologist: This started back in 2009 by Natilite Hanks. People send in their tattoos to show the world. Not much reading involved, but I really love it none the less. I'm so nosy and want to be inspired by what people have on their skin!

What I Heart Today: Lily is one of those girls that just charms cameras to do her evil work, creating the most flawless photos around, le sigh. She does some great reviews on products that I feel tend to be more in my price range for the most part. And her My Week # posts are just the best, I love them so much! Shes on YouTube too don't you know.

As always I hope everyone has a fab day and I hope you all have a great weekend! (Go do something relaxing or fun!)

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