Thursday 24 October 2013

The Dublin Meet Up #2

As you will know from my last post, I was off having a lovely old time on Saturday at the Dublin blogger meet up organised by the lovely Samantha of All The Buzz. I got to meet some bloggers I love and discovered some new ones that I'm getting stuck into reading lots of their posts! Here are some of the bloggers I met. If your not listed here I'm sorry, I talked to so many wonderful girlys that day that I might have got a bit confused. Feel free to tweet or message me and I will add you in!

Killer Fashion  First girls I got chatting to who were so so lovely! Thank you for the photo and great natter!

TownMouseCountryMouse Both of these sisters were so friendly and stylish to say the least!

Zee-Railed  Zita was the one who told me all about this meet up so a big shout out and thank you to her! After all our talking and planning we never actually got to talk to each other which was awful but I'm going to go on a hunt if we are at the next meet up to say a huge hello!

GlitterMamaWishes Lovely lady who has a third baby on the way - good luck Yaz!

PinkElephantBloggin More gorgeous ladies who gave me one of their very fancy cards - next on my shopping list are cards!

SoPolishedIreland I bumped into Manal at the very end just before she was leaving and chewed the ear off her, the poor girl! She is so lovely and so so talented with nail art!

GirlFridaysBeautyBlog Last but not least Anne Maire was uber lovely to get to talk to, she showed me some picture layouts and said if I was nervous at meet ups she would walk in with me so I wasn't alone. How nice is she?

I hope to meet more bloggers and make lots of new friends. I am gutted I didn't get up the courage to go and talk to more bloggers as they were all so lovely. But theres always next time!!

Photo courtesy of David Mcauley Photography
Photo courtesy of David Mcauley Photograph

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