Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Dublin Meet Up #1

Last Saturday I attended my first every bloggers meet up and I was terrified! I even went off to the shops and got new tops because I clearly had nothing acceptable in my overflowing wardrobe... But I need not have worried as everyone was so nice! The event was organized by the wonderful Samantha Johnston who writes AllTheBuzz. Can I just say this girly was totally amazing to take on something like this, it doesn't seem like an easy job to do! We all met at The Church Bar and had a little place to ourselves to natter and mingle. When I got there I was warmly welcomed by Samantha and told to take some goodie bags. My gosh what fab things were inside too! 

Not only did I get to meet loads of bloggers that I love (que fan girl moments that I'm ashamed of!) and some new ones too, but there was also a demo by Niamh Martin, creater of Nima Brush. She has been a make up artist for over 10 years and did an amazing job doing Lisa of Pink Sugar's make up while throwing in some handy tips. The next speaker was Michelle McMahon of who gave a really great inspirational talk on how she came up through the world of journalism and landed at her desk in As a massive fan of the site and Michelle I might have had a huge fan girl moment, evening asking for an autograph which is below in the biggest possible photo size setting. (I honestly have no shame.) After her talk I wanted to go straight to a computer and type, then run to Kerry and back, just for the hell of it considering how inspired I felt.

 While we were all chattering away Rosin from Reach Out Ireland which is a non profit, non government funded charity for youth mental health handed out post cards so we could all write positive notes to ourselves and they would get posted back to us! I thought it was a lovely way to give yourself a mini pick-me-up and to make you have a proper think about all the good things in your life. By the end of the event €150 was raised through buying raffle tickets for some great prizes. Go us girls! On a side note how amazing is Rosin's blue hair?

Photo on the right courtesy of David Mcauley Photography

 This was a really great day and I couldn't have asked for more. Everyone was so friendly and nice, the atmosphere was cool and the guest speakers were unbelievable. I can't wait for the next event to see them all again and catch up! I will be doing a separate post on all the bloggers who I managed to meet on the day as I feel they deserve their own part. And I will also be doing a post on what I got in my goodie bags and the sponsors who were so generous!

One last thing I must say before I sign off for now (I know, such a long post right?) Samantha put all this together herself without any prior experience doing meet ups. She wanted to meet other bloggers, help other bloggers build friendships and the blogging community and help with her fear of public speaking. I can't get over how amazing a person like Samantha is to undertake such an enormous task arranging everything. Down to the goodie bags, a thank you card, lovely cup cakes and glittery red lips to greet us on the tables. My little bit of inspiration for the week.

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