Thursday 17 October 2013

Book Review: Amazing And Extraordinary Facts Ghosts

Keeping on the theme of Halloween, I want to tell you all about my latest book Amazing and Extraordinary Facts Ghosts. When I was last in the value book shop in town I spotted this and picked it up for just €5. 

This is a fun and scary read explaining the definitions of different ghosts and what sort of people go after them. There are short stories about all different types of happenings both from modern day and from long ago. All of them have historical reference such as all the scary things that have happened in the Town of London. 

This is a really easy read as the stories are short enough that you can put it down and know your not going to be lost when you pick it up again. Get in the mood of Halloween and pick up this or something else scary to read!

You can win a copy of Dracula in my Halloween giveaway!

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