Saturday 19 October 2013

9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion

So a few weeks ago I bought a new cleansing lotion from Lush knowing I was almost finished my other cleansers. I had used 9 to 5 once before at a friends and really loved how it felt and worked so I knew that I wanted to get it even if it was a hole in the pocket at €10.95 for a 240g bottle. 

From the minute I opened the bottle and started using it I regretted buying it (the bigger bottle is better value just to tell you!) The cleanser itself works ok, not mind blowing wonder cream but it works well enough - scrubbing eye make up a little though. Its the lack of thickness that bothers me so much. You try to put a little onto a cotton pad but because its such a watery consistency it goes everywhere. No matter how small a blob (that word is gas!) you try and squeeze out, it just slides off the cotton pad or your face if you don't rub it around your skin quick enough. I am a little heart broken over how messy and hard to use this product is. 

The sweet smell alone would make you buy it, I just love it so much. I think it might be the dove orchids that they steep in almond oil overnight - that infused oil is the base of this lotion. Not only does it have dove orchids in almond oil but ylang ylang oil and honeysuckle. But even with all these lovely things added into this big bottle, I can safely say I wont ever be repurchasing this again, instead spending my money on better and cheaper cleansing lotions like Botanics All Bright that I reviewed a while ago. 

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