Thursday 14 November 2013

Ikea Haul

I went to Ikea about two weeks ago and picked up a few bits. I'm going to be going back soon to get a new bed (isn't it just so pretty!?) and some lovely bedding. Oh how I love their bedding designs! But I went this time with the idea of getting a new table lamp. 

I got my granny a new plant pot €4.50 and a little cactus €3.50. She is a big fan of potted plants and different types of cacti also bonus points that she didn't have this type!

next I got my lovely owl lamp shade €7 and the plain black stand  for €5. I was a bit disappointed becasue the stand I wanted wasn't going to be back in stock until after Christmas, but looking at it now I think this is a nicer one. I was a bit shocked at the €7 bulb for it though. You can only buy Ikea bulbs for their products so thats a bit annoying. Lastly I couldn't leave the shop without the matching cushion cover that was €5 after seeing it just sitting there. I nabbed a plain cushion too which wasn't that expansive at €3.25.

Isn't it pretty!

I got a bit snap happy while I was walking around, taking photos of things I'd like or ideas for Christmas presents. I might have to have another long walk around the place next time I go, theres just too much I'd love to get in Ikea! Walking around looking at everything is a great way to spend the day too and then grabbing a cuppa or hot dog after, nom!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant day! Stay fab x

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